'Revolution' Exclusive Interview: Mat Vairo on Connor's Journey with Monroe
'Revolution' Exclusive Interview: Mat Vairo on Connor's Journey with Monroe
Carla Day
Carla Day
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On Revolution, Monroe found his son, Connor, but it wasn't a happy reunion. Instead of hugs and kisses, their introduction included a whipping and guns. Connor may not have grown up with his father, but he's more like the former ruthless leader than not.

I spoke with Mat Vairo last week about taking on the role of Connor and the troubled relationship between Connor and Monroe. Plus, read on to find out whether Connor and Charlie will come face-to-face.

What drew you to the role of Connor?

His wounds. The way that he deals with his pain. It's really interesting as far as the background that he has and how he's been brought up to deal with his conflicts. It's interesting how it manifests itself. That drew me to him as sort of someone that's very, very different from myself in real life. 

He's very much more bad ass than me. I also really like his quiet and his sort of ruthless side in a way. It's also something that drew me to him because it's so different from myself.

It must be fun to play bad ass, what was it like to film the fight scenes?

Scary, because I really had to slip into his shoes and his mind completely to be able to make it look at all believable. I really had to convince myself before I could convince anybody else. I was also super clumsy starting out, so I'm glad it turned out somewhat good from what I've heard. I was so clumsy and learning the dance with those guys was such a journey.

When Connor first meets Monroe, he seems more angry than anything. Why does he come to help Monroe?

I think he's curious. He's really curious about where he comes from. A father's love is irreplaceable. A parent's love.  A true parent's love is irreplaceable. I think on a deeper level that's what's driving him is a curiosity to see what that comes to. He would have just killed the guy had he not had that curiosity and that deep-seated want for love from him. 

Connor turned on the only family he knew and went with the unknown entity of Monroe. Was he making a strategic decision? Or did he believe Monroe would be better for him? Or was it a choice of the heart to go with his father?

There are elements of all of those things there. The whipping and [Monroe] giving Connor the gun in the jail, those sort of galvanized his choice and maybe some sort of catharsis of their relationship goes and his starting to trust Monroe to lead him to this greater goal that they may have.

And to have his father by his side -- his real father -- there's something about that that has a great appeal to him. It's a mixture of all those things. I think he sees Munoz's true side and he realizes he's got nowhere else to go. He doesn't want to be alone. His main goal is to not be alone and to have love in in life somehow, but Munoz really gave him no choice.

Do you think Connor took to heart that he would have ended up whipped and hung if he stuck around?

I think that's a great point. Up until he got caught, I think there was a definite element of fear living on that compound in that house. He was a leader, but Munoz is a scary guy. I think Connor was definitely walking on eggshells constantly.

Monroe had been making a turn towards his better side before he met Connor, now that he's met his son Monroe's power hunger again and wanting to show that side of him to his son. Do you think Connor will be a good or bad influence on Monroe going forward.

I think it goes both ways. He represents a chance to get back into that seat of power for Monroe, but he also represents love and his blood. You never know what that will do to a person.

Do you think Connor is in a better situation with Monroe? What's their journey look like together?

Connor's definitely not in a comfortable place. He's got trust issues and he's trying to feel out what all this means now. He basically just got everything he's ever known ripped away from him. He went from found to lost in a lot of ways. It's kind of adjusting to his surroundings now and trying to get a feel for what all this is going to mean for him. And also dealing with the pain of being around -- confronted by some of his traumatic experiences of his past.

People are going to be put on a wild ride as far as he and Monroe go.

Does Connor end up interacting with other characters?

He will be interacting with the other characters on the show. That will definitely bring an interesting dynamic to later episodes.

Does Connor meet Charlie?

He does meet Charlie. 

Are there sparks?

He finds her attractive. She interests him, but that's all I can say.

Revolution airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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