'Revolution' Interview: EP Eric Kripke and Star Elizabeth Mitchell Tease Secrets To Be Revealed
'Revolution' Interview: EP Eric Kripke and Star Elizabeth Mitchell Tease Secrets To Be Revealed
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The return of Revolution is on the other side of the weekend and promises to be explosive. Rachel has been reunited with her family and Monroe is determined to take them out. Executive Producer Eric Kripke and star Elizabeth Mitchell spoke with reporters recently on a call about what's coming up now that the group dynamic has changed.

They discuss secrets that will be revealed and how relationships will be challenged in the below edited excerpts from the interview.

On revealing why the power went out

Kripke: In episode 13 Rachel reveals pretty much every single thing there is to know about why the blackout happened and every time I watch that scene-- and she's brilliant in it -- but that scene's a hard swallow every time because you're like wow we're just saying it. And it goes against many of your baked-in sure-weather instincts are not to have the scene that reveals every single thing in three minutes.

And so we reveal really why the blackout happened but the card I think we have up our sleeve is I think the explanation really opens the door to much greater story possibility.

On Rachel's role going forward

So Rachel's quest is specific and she's incredibly proactive. She's making a straight line towards what it is that she needs to do. And the fun part that, you know, Eric had talked about before is that she also unloads everything; the entire secret, the entire history in one crazy conversation in Episode 13.

So I think that people will enjoy the fact that she has a lot to say and that her admonition or her quest is very powerful and proactive which I love in a character. It's always nice to see women, people, anyone - your protagonist going after what she wants full force. So I think that's going to be fun.

On what comes after that secret is revealed

Kripke: I don't think we box ourselves in a corner. I think we open a door to a whole new world. And then we ask more questions. Because for me the story was never about what caused the blackout. I think it's for me it's like the show isn't just based on one particular mystery, it's based on these characters and this world and this kind of transformed landscape that they have these adventures in..

On Rachel and her relationship with her children and Monroe now that she's free

Mitchell: She wants to be with her children. She wants to kill Monroe. I think that Rachel is somewhat, in my mind of course but everyone feels that way about their own character, such a tragic figure. She's tried so hard to do the right thing for so long and she's possibly one of the worst people. 

I think that her mindset is on survival and her mindset is on revenge and in a horrible awkward way her mind is on good parenting which she's not very good at. But I think the sad thing was that she probably at one time truly was. So it's just what this world has created and she's a direct reflection of that. So her mindset is revenge, love and trying to do the right thing. We'll see if it works.

On romance between Charlie and Jason

Kripke: Jason goes through some seismic shifts with his father, with his relationship with the militia and Charlie has a front seat to a lot of those really dramatic turns in that there is this sort of static friction between the both of them that draws them closer. And then we blow it all up because these types of relationships in these types of shows are about the push/pull and about the friction of will they get together or won't they and what obstacles do they have to overcome.

Mitchell: And they're freaking gorgeous together.

Revolution returns on Monday, March 25 at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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