'Revolution' Interview: Cast Spills on Unique Group Dynamic, Love Triangle, and an Assassination Attempt
'Revolution' Interview: Cast Spills on Unique Group Dynamic, Love Triangle, and an Assassination Attempt
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Revolution is headed to Austin! The group attempts to stop an assassination attempt in "Austin City Limits." Yes, Connor and Jason will both be there along with Charlie, Miles and Monroe. That should be interesting!

During the filming of "Austin City Limits" at the Texas State Capitol, the cast spoke with reporters about the episode, the group dynamic, Charlie's love triangle and more. Check out the video interview and highlights.

David Lyons Interview

Monroe's in the group, but there's no love there. "They hate him. They really hate him." He's an "irritant" within the group dynamic. 

As the season goes on, Monroe asks Miles why he's with these people and questions the reason for wanting to take down the Patriots. Monroe wants to move back towards a Monroe Republic and he'll need Miles' help to do it.

Tracy Spiridakos Interview

The love triangle is on between Charlie, Connor and Jason now that they are all working together. Charlie originally saw Connor as just a fling.

When Jason returns into her life, there's anger there. He did try to kill her. He's her first love, but she has trouble trusting him. Which way will she go? You'll have to watch to find out.

On "Austin City Limits," there's an assassination attempt and they are all working together to try and save people. Jason and Connor work together which is interesting.

Charlie picks up on what happened to Jason by the Patriots. It's "sweet."

Billy Burke Interview

In "Austin City Limits," the group which Burke describes as "like a street gang" attempts to stop the assassination of the President of the Texas Republic. The Patriots have programmed people like robot soldiers.

They need to find and stop the one that's programmed to kill the President.

The relationship between Miles and Neville isn't going to get better. Miles tells him "I never liked you." They will be forced to work together, but Miles never trusts him.

In the group, Miles trusts Charlie though they haven't been together much this season. Monroe is always going to be there by Miles. He's been killed and came back. "It's the family who won't go away."

Miles never wanted to be part of the fight and struggles with that, but he's fallen in love with these people.

Revolution airs Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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