Spoiler Alert: 'Revenge' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Revenge' Spoilers
Fall's campiest, prettiest fictional version of The Real Housewives of Wherever is officially awesome. Not sure what show I'm talking about? In case you've been living under a rock and have missed the viral ads, it's Revenge.

Revenge literally takes vengeance on all those Hamptons socialites with more money than God by socially and fiscally destroying these excuses for human beings. And there happens to be a mystery to it as well. How I've missed primetime soaps!

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Viewers may remember that the first few minutes of the pilot actually took place five months ahead of the rest of the episode/series thus far. It jumped forward to the murder of Hamptons elite Daniel Grayson, son of the big bad Victoria, then jumped back to the beginning of the end of Hamptons life.

All because one socially scorned girl, Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp), is finding and destroying the people who ruined the lives of her father and herself. It's a timely tale, really.

During the course of this season there are plenty of questions, but this show is not going to pull a Lost and never answer them. In fact, by episode 13 all of the questions will be answered! What? A TV show following through on a mystery? Absolutely. But the first 13 episodes are committed to following through on answering the questions posed by the pilot.

Test Your 'Revenge' Trivia Knowledge

The show's pace is one to be admired. Each week, vindictive Emily crosses off, person by person, the list of people who ruined her father's life. Slowly she burns everyone as the larger mystery arc unfolds. It's like science!

But before we worry about the future, we need to talk about the past -- that is the main point of the show after all. In layman's terms: we need Revenge spoilers!

Love Triangle: Engage

First, it seems that Emily/Amanda's childhood friend Jack (who still cares for her old golden retriever) and Hamptonite Daniel are both after the affections of Emily/Amanda. The love triangle will unfold over the next few episodes. Expect to see different sides of Jack and Daniel, particularly in episode 5.

Which 'Revenge' Character Are You? 

The best of the past happens to be something we've already seen! It appears that one of the Hamptonites Emily/Amanda cast out is back for their own vengeance. Expect to see Lydia back plotting her own schemes against the Graysons and Emily. Also, expect to see the past haunting others beside Emily: the sociopathic response of Victoria -- Emily's ultimate target -- to David's destruction may finally have pull some emotion out of her.

All this and more is in store this first season of Revenge. Stay tuned to get your questions answered!

Emily E. Steck
Contributing Writer

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