'Revenge' Videos: Who Will Be a Victim in 'Doubt'?
'Revenge' Videos: Who Will Be a Victim in 'Doubt'?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Remember Revenge?

Hopefully you do, because the show is awesome and it's back tonight with the first new episode in many, many weeks. This new episode, "Doubt," moves forward from the last time we saw Revenge -- Daniel is in jail for the murder of Tyler and the broken pieces of Hamptons life swirl through that chaos. What will happen next? These two Revenge videos might give a hint.

WARNING: The two videos in this article contain clips from the upcoming episode, "Doubt," and are therefore rife with Revenge spoilers. Beware what lies ahead...

The first video shows the toll Daniel's incarceration is having on Emily. Does she actually care about her fiance?

  • She may not care in the traditional sense, but Emily is giving up rest and food in her quest to find some form of justice for Daniel.
  • Aww... Nolan wants world peace! But all he brings is a crossanwich. 
  • Victoria's consistent thought of Amanda as the culprit may indicate her prejudices, but... You have to admit she's not far from the truth every time.
  • Takeda still has Amanda. Whatever that means.
  • Nolan is a very brave man, poking at Emily that way.
  • And, as for caring about Daniel, Emily's declaration of no more emotional involvement does not bode well for the couple's future.

The second video includes several interviews with members of the Revenge cast and focuses on a question: Who is a victim and who is a villain on Revenge?

It's good for Revenge to openly acknowledge the similarities between Victoria and Emily. After all, that oppositional symmetry is basically what makes the show tick.

But the video does point out something that has been only slightly explored thus far in Revenge: Victoria's past. We know that she was devastated by the fate of David Clarke (even if she was hugely responsible for the man's downfall). We know that Victoria schemed her way into an unhappy but advantageous marriage with Conrad Grayson. And we know the truth about Charlotte's paternity.

What else is in Victoria's murky past? The upcoming episodes promise to give us a look into that, with the arrival of Victoria's old flame (guest star James Purefoy).

And hey, even if you don't care about comparisons between Emily and Victoria, there's still serious entertainment in this video. At about the 1:40 mark, catch Victoria's cold, cutting and brilliant speech in which she flings Lydia from her society and friendship forever.

The next Revenge episode, 'Doubt," airs on Wednesday, April 18 at 10pm on ABC.

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