[Video] 'Revenge' Sneak Peek: An Engagement and a Con
[Video] 'Revenge' Sneak Peek: An Engagement and a Con
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Victoria set a trap for Emily and it was sprung on Revenge. Now that Victoria knows what is motivating Emily, she can target her former daughter-in-law and get her own retribution. On "Revolution," that plan could get put on hold when Victoria stares happiness in the face.

Check out two sneak peeks for Sunday's Revenge episode titled, "Revolution."

An Engagement

Victoria's trap worked and she now understands Emily's vendetta against her family. She knows why Emily married Daniel and that the events on the boat were supposed to be her downfall.

What will her next move be? She doesn't want Pascal involved with Emily at all. He agrees. And asks Victoria a very important question!

Pascal: "Will you marry me?"
Victoria: "Yes, Pascal. Yes."

Victoria hasn't had many happy moments over the last few years, so it was odd to see her with such a huge smile on her face. Is her relationship with Pascal the real deal? Or could it be too good to be true?

Pascal may have a difficult time staying out of Emily's way. Check out the next sneak peek! 

Pascal get grabbed right on the street and stuff into the back of a black van. He's being "detained" ... by Aiden! He's brought into an interrogation room and who's sitting on the opposite site of the table: EMILY!

She's posing as Homeland Security Agent Rebecca Stone. Nice fake name! She wants to know everything.

Will Pascal hold strong and deny knowing anything? Or will he turn on his fiancee and Conrad?

Revenge airs Sunday at 10 pm ET on ABC.

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