'Revenge' Spoilers: Looking Backward and Being Bad
'Revenge' Spoilers: Looking Backward and Being Bad
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Off the air until mid-April, there's not a lot of Revenge to be had these days. There are, however, a few Revenge spoilers. Keep reading to find out what might be coming next!

Blasts from the Past
We've seen plenty of looks at the past in Revenge -- hardly an episode passes without at least a brief glimpse of David Clarke or delinquent Amanda. But an upcoming episode of Revenge will give us an extended look at two very important time periods.

Much of this episode will, according to TVLine, take place in 1991 and will focus on the relationship between David Clarke and Victoria Grayson. Apparently, Victoria was a fairly nice, not-coldly evil person back then.

The same episode will have a few looks at 2002 -- shortly after a young and angry Amanda Clarke left that juvenile-detention facility. The scenes from that period will revolve around Amanda/proto-Emily and Nolan as they begin to explore vengeance against everyone involved in David Clarke's arrest. With regard to the episode, Revenge star Emily VanCamp told TVLine that "almost all of the take-down characters" would be in the episode.

People Doing Bad, Bad Things
Of course, people doing bad, bad things is pretty much what makes Revenge the delight it is. But there are some particularly notable instances of badness coming up in the last part of season 1.

Victoria Grayson, of course, is taking the lead on badness. But at least she'll be doing it for a good cause. Daniel -- last seen heading off to prison without the possibility of bail -- will not remain incarcerated for long, thanks to an action by his loving (in her own special way) mother. As Madeleine Stowe explained to E!Online, "I'm going to do something pretty shocking to help my son Daniel -- that is so morally objectionable -- the audience, I think, will really have to stop and think about it and struggle with it."

Considering what Victoria has done already, that must be pretty bad.

Jack, meanwhile, will be doing some somewhat objectionable things himself. His main negative action, however, might just count as stupid: He's not getting rid of that bloody hoodie. Nick Weschler told TVLine that "I might need it later. If I need to get [Amanda] out of trouble, I might want it because I need to prove that I was there."

And then there's Nolan.

We can expect Nolan to foolishly do some things that are not in line with Emily's plans. Talking to E!Online, Gabriel Mann said, "Nolan does some very bad things, all in the name of the greater purpose. And as to whether he will get busted: Of course. He always does. He can't get anything by Emily ever."

What will Nolan do? How will Victoria top her current evil with something worse? Who is actually going to pay for the murder of Tyler? Share your comments and theories below!

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