'Revenge' Spoilers for 2013 Return: Could Emily and Victoria Actually Team Up?
'Revenge' Spoilers for 2013 Return: Could Emily and Victoria Actually Team Up?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Could the unthinkable happen on Revenge? Could Emily and Victoria actually partner up on a plan ... together? Yes, that's redundant, but what a shocker that would be if it happened. Though, you know if they are working together, they are also working their own agendas against the other, right?

ABC has released the official summary for the show's January return "Power": "Victoria begins plotting a scheme which, surprisingly, involves Emily, while Emily locks in on her next target, and Declan discovers something that may threaten the future of the Stowaway."

Highlights from the 2013 trailer:

  • "Blackmail? Is there anything that isn't beneath you?" -- Conrad (He's one to talk, really!)
  • Victoria and Emily shaking hands! What kind of deal did Emily make with her enemy?
  • "My son is in love with you." -- Victoria
  • "Are you ready for this" -- Emily
    "On with the show." -- Aiden
  • Emily puts on a mask and is in all black. Trouble!
  • Who is fighting? Is Emily one of them?
  • Things are not looking good between Aiden, Emily, and Nolan.
  • Did Declan find drugs?
  • FIRE!
  • Kissing! Emily and is it Aiden or someone else? Declan and Charlotte. A bear?
  • Jail! Is Jack or Amanda in prison?
  • Aiden has multiple laser gun sights on him. Not good. Who is he meeting?
  • Masked person goes down.
  • Amanda meets with a mystery man in a white hoodie. They are closing a trunk...
  • "I don't need to think about it. My answer is yes." -- Emily 
  • Emily and Daniel KISS! Whoa!
Quite a few characters are put in questionable and dangerous situations. Will anyone die on Revenge this January? It looks very probable based on this preview.

What surprises you most: Emily and Victoria working together? Emily and Daniel kissing? Or, either Amanda or Jack being in jail?

None of those actually surprise me because with Revenge anything is possible! I'm most intrigued by the unknown or unclear characters that appear in the trailer with Aiden, Emily, and Amanda. It looks like the show will be in full swing of manipulations and intrigue when it returns next year.

Revenge returns on Sunday, January 6 at 9 pm ET with "Power" on ABC.

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(Image and video courtesy of ABC.)