'Revenge' Spoilers and Video: Flashbacks, Allies, Death and That Stare
'Revenge' Spoilers and Video: Flashbacks, Allies, Death and That Stare
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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By its very nature, Revenge brings up a lot of questions. While we can't even begin to answer them all here, Revenge spoilers -- and a fun video -- may help to answer some of them.

Emily Van Camp Stares Down Ellen
Before we get into the serious Revenge spoilers, here is a short video clip from Revenge star Emily Van Camp's recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Now we know that Emily's icy, evil stare of doom has a name. And it's the same name as a brand of shoes. Fair enough.

Flashbacks for Nolan
How did Nolan get to be the maladjusted, vengeful billionaire we know and love on Revenge? It may be a complicated story -- complicated enough to need a flashback episode for its explanation.

We already know that it was help from David Clarke that gave Nolan Ross the chance to emulate Bill Gates. But who was he before? "You're going to start finding out how Nolan went from a Pearl Jam-loving grunge musician standing outside of an Escalade with an infinity box to a Peter Pan-looking, popped-collar guy," actor Gabriel Mann told TVLine.

The upcoming flashbacks will reveal more than just Nolan's past. They may also give some explanation to the possibility that Nolan has some revenge that even Emily doesn't know about.

A New Ally for Emily?
Considering the secretive nature of Emily's revengeda, the young lady has had a surprising number of allies thus far. A lawyer, a juvenile-detention warden, the mysterious Takeda and -- of course -- Nolan and Amanda all know a great deal about what wrath Emily plans to rain on the Graysons.

Will she be getting another ally?

According to a report from E!Online, that might be the case. And this time, the help may come from within orbit of the Grayson universe.

The potential ally is described as a 63-year-old woman who formerly worked as a corporate secretary. Did she work for Conrad Grayson? His father? What help could this woman offer?

More Death?
Tyler was hardly the last death we can expect on Revenge. The events surrounding such vengeful activities must bring about plenty of tragic ends over time. When can we expect the next death? Possibly (but not necessarily) by the end of Revenge season 1.

Gabriel Mann told E!Online that Revenge is indeed headed for another major death, possibly quickly. "We might see one prior to the end of the season, yes," Mann explained. "But due to the revenge-iness of it all, maybe not too. We may have 'til season 2 to find out if the 'big death' is what we think it is."

Make of that what you will.

Revenge airs at 10pm Wednesdays on ABC.

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