'Revenge' Sneak Peeks: Emily's Secret Isn't Safe on 'Illumination'
'Revenge' Sneak Peeks: Emily's Secret Isn't Safe on 'Illumination'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
With Amanda's death on Revenge, Emily probably thought her real identity was safe, only she didn't count on her foster brother, Eli, showing up. On "Illumination," the determination to get revenge against the Graysons expands, while Emily is forced to protect herself.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Revenge spoilers and clips. Proceed with caution.

Official synopsis: The queen and king of smoke and mirrors, Victoria and Conrad, make a calculated move, starting a charitable foundation in the late Amanda Clarke's name. But little do they know that Jack is not buying it and has a plan of his own. Meanwhile, Emily's past catches up to her again.

In the below sneak peek, Emily and Eli are officially introduced at Victoria's house after their brief meeting at the cemetery. Victoria invites him to the launching of the charity in Amanda's name.

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Emily asks Jack him to give her another chance after keeping her past with Amanda a secret. He wants her to tell the truth in exchange, but they are interrupted by Eli. Amanda's foster brother reveals he knows the truth about "Amanda." 

He was her protector as a child in foster care, will he continue in that role or will he end up hurting her?

Eli's arrival in town will not only cause Emily problems, but Declan too. Eli gets close to Charlotte when they spend a day together around town. Could Eli be a new love interest for the much younger Charlotte?

Daniel stops by Emily's house to tell her about the trouble he's in with the Initiative. He doesn't know what to do in order to protect the people around him. Daniel shows that he's honorable with his concerns about passing his troubles on to someone else. 

Now that someone else knows that Emily is really Amanda, will the secret get out? Or, will Eli be convinced that he has to keep it quiet?

Revenge airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on ABC.

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