'Revenge' Season 2 Spoilers: New Characters, New Relationships and Old Problems
'Revenge' Season 2 Spoilers: New Characters, New Relationships and Old Problems
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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What will we learn when Revenge returns for season 2? The twisty and drama-filled show is sure to have a few surprises this fall, but no one wants to wait that long. Thus, we have a whole bunch of Revenge season 2 spoilers right now!

WARNING: There really are a lot of Revenge season 2 spoilers here. If you were a good TV viewer, you probably wouldn't read any further. But who wants to be good? Spoilers are more fun.

Before we get to the multitude of spoilers, there is one thing that is not in the spoilers: the fate of Victoria Grayson. We still have absolutely no idea about whether or not Victoria survived that plane crash. And there's no news. Sorry.

How It Begins and Ends

Remember how the first season of Revenge began with that engagement party before flashing back to the beginning of the summer? Well Revenge season 2 will do the same. Once more, the flash-forward bit will be at the end of the summer, when a terrible event of some sort occurs. And then we'll go back to the beginning of the summer to find out how everything got to that point. [Source: TVGuide.com]

Revenge season 2 will also continue the episode-naming conventions: A single, abstract word will be the standard. Going along with this, E!Online reports that the Revenge season 2 premiere will be titled "Bound."

Good luck figuring that one out.


Apparently the theme of Revenge season 2 will be "destiny," an idea that the show will highlight with a quote right at the beginning of the season premiere. Revenge executive producer Mike Kelley described the theme to TVGuide.com, saying, "This season is all about free will and fate."

More Nolan = Awesome

While Nolan and Emily will continue their secret Duo of Doom in Revenge season 2, Nolan's world will expand a little bit beyond that. First of all, Nolan is getting a new romance. And this will be of a very different type than last season's Tyler fiasco.

Why? Well, for one thing, the love interest is a she instead of a he. The lady is also rumored to be a foreigner of some type.

If Nolan love isn't your cup of tea, don't fret. There's also going to be more of Nolan's business dealings at Nolcorp. Yes, the company actually exists beyond its season 1 purpose of funding Emily's vengeance. [Source: TVLine]

New Victims Faces in the Hamptons

Along with the sudden and shocking reappearance of Emily's presumed-dead mother (to be played by Jennifer Jason Leigh), several new people will be on the scene for Revenge season 2.

Who exactly?

  • Conrad Grayson's son. His other son. Apparently, the Grayson patriarch has a child from his first marriage. The young man will show up in season 2, possibly to make things difficult for Daniel. [Source: TVLine]
  • In the first episode of season 2, two new characters will appear. Eve, Ashley's protege in the party-planning world, and Dr. Thomas, the founder of a local recovery center, will both feature in the Revenge season 2 premiere. [Source: E!Online]
  • An old friend of Emily's past -- specifically, from the period when she was transitioning from Amanda to Emily -- will resurface. British actor Barry Sloane has been cast in the part. [Source: TVLine]
  • Declan will make a friend! A new character, Trey Chandler, will be on hand to have some summer fun. He is probably a bad influence. [Source: E!Online]

Baby Talk

Amanda's baby will be very much a part of season 2. At the beginning of the season, Amanda will be 8 months pregnant and thus will presumably give birth sometime within the first few episodes. So is Jack the father of the baby? There is no answer to that yet, but it sounds like the bartender will continue to wrestle between his feelings for Emily and his responsibility to Amanda. [Source: TVGuide.com]

Miscellaneous Shocking Stuff

Revenge wouldn't be Revenge without a bunch of scandalous incidents. What scandals can we look forward to in season 2?

  • Someone is going to find out Emily's true identity! By the end of the season, at least one more character will learn that Emily is actually Amanda. Alas, Mike Kelley isn't telling who it is. Most of the characters, meanwhile, will remain in the dark. [Source: TVGuide.com]
  • A missing-persons case will bring a new detective character to the show. No clue about who goes missing or why. [Source: E!Online]
  • Charlotte isn't going to be dead from her season-ending overdose, but don't expect the addiction to disappear overnight. [Source: TVGuide.com]
  • As hinted in the Revenge season finale, things will have heated up between Ashley and Daniel. Naturally, Ashley's motivation (according to Daniel Bowman) is to "get ahead in life," while Daniel is "not really there." And we don't need to fret about Daniel's sudden change in feelings -- he's still pining for Emily throughout this.

Revenge season 2 begins on Sunday, September 20 at 9pm.

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