'Revenge' Redux: Making Sense Out of 'Scandal'
'Revenge' Redux: Making Sense Out of 'Scandal'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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We may now know who killed Tyler. But that doesn't mean there are any fewer questions after this week's Revenge episode, "Scandal." Keep reading for some of the biggest questions -- and for some possible answers.

Does Daniel Trust Emily?
Despite Daniel's protests of remembering nothing from the beach, some bit of Tyler's accusations has survived. We now know, thanks to some flashbacks, that Tyler never revealed the particulars of Emily's motives. But he did show Daniel that photo and claimed that Emily was not what she seemed.

Did this have an effect on Daniel?

It seemed to at first, with Daniel's raid of the floorboard hiding place. But he seemed to accept Emily's explanations that a) the stuff had been hidden by a previous resident and b) Tyler was psycho. When last we saw Daniel before being carted off to prison, the police had to practically rip the boy from Emily's embrace.

Safe bet that these two crazy kids are good. For now.

Will We See Sisterly Love?
Charlotte is in a tailspin. More than perhaps anybody other than Declan, Emily knows how messed up Charlotte is getting over the news of her paternity. The two half-sisters did manage a touching (if deception-filled) moment in "Scandal."

Can Emily open up to Charlotte in any way?

It seems unlikely, at least for the moment. If Emily were to reveal her relationship to Charlotte, this would bring up an awful lot of questions. Why did she change her name? Why is Emily wooing Daniel? What is she even doing in the Hamptons?

The answers all mean trouble for the Graysons. And Charlotte, who thinks of her father as a shameful criminal, would probably still side with her legal family. Charlotte is messed up now, but how crazy could she get if she knew the truth?

What Does Takeda Want?
Obviously, the simple answer is revenge. Takeda does love his revenge.

The more complicated question involves what Takeda wants from Emily. His actions, unless personally motivated for unknown reasons, all have the result of putting Emily straight back on her revenge path.

Everyone Emily might care about even a little (except possibly for Nolan) is directly tied to Takeda's murder of Tyler. Daniel is the obvious suspect (and is a little guilty, after all). Jack moved the body and is now covering up for Amanda. Amanda was suspiciously on the scene and is now missing (thanks to Takeda).

If Emily moves forward with cold-blooded revenge against the Graysons, all of this works out OK. She can protect Jack, leaving Daniel to punishment. But if she goes against Takeda, Jack may be doomed. Poor Amanda is probably screwed either way.

What exactly will satisfy Takeda? That's hard to say.

What Is Emily Doing?
Emily fought with Takeda and learned the details surrounding Tyler's murder before Daniel was released from jail. Thus, every one of Emily's actions in "Scandal" was informed by her knowledge of Takeda's involvement.

So what is Emily doing? Who is she protecting?

Jack obviously gets the automatic protection. Jack will never allow himself to be saved, but Emily and Nolan both tried really hard to do so in "Scandal."

What about Daniel? While still working to throw the elder Graysons under the bus as much as possible, Emily did seem genuine in her desire to help Daniel's lawyer defend the kid. Emily seemed to feel genuine shock and worry when Daniel was arrested and in court, indicating that this is not the outcome she wants.

We know there will be consequences if Emily tries to save everyone. But is she trying anyway?

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We will have a lot of time to ponder these questions -- the next new episode of Revenge will not air until April. In the meantime, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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