'Revenge' Redux: Making Sense of 'Justice'
'Revenge' Redux: Making Sense of 'Justice'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We now know Daniel will not be going to jail for murder, but of course that's not the end of the story on a show like Revenge. Every plot resolution brings ever more twists and turns for the show to navigate. Keep reading to explore some of the biggest twists in "Justice."

Will Daniel trust Emily?
Things have changed between the happy couple of Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne. Once Tyler sowed those little seeds of doubt in Daniel's head, this was perhaps inevitable.

The final scene, in which we think Daniel is writing a suicide note to Emily, indicates that the man is once again ready to believe Emily is faithful and loving. Will that last?

Emily and Jack do keep getting ever closer, meaning Daniel's jealousy is certain to grow. Plus, the trial made very clear that, when it comes down to it, Emily's loyalties lie with Jack. She will save Daniel if she can, but Jack will always take first place in her attentions.

This really isn't a sound basis for love.

Will Jack trust Nolan?
Jack has perhaps been more than a little stupid in trusting Nolan so far. Nolan may, in theory, have Jack's best interests at heart, but in practice that means a whole lot of lying.

You would think Jack would have noticed by now. You would be wrong. But that has to change, sooner or later.

The rather awkward lie about the hoodie might spell the beginning of the end for Nolan's consequence-free deception of Jack. The guy has to at least suspect Nolan of a little deceit, right? If he puts that together with the fact that Nolan was the one directing Jack on that wild-goose Amanda hunt, there is no way that Jack will remain the ignorant, trusting man that he is.

Will Dominick Wright be back?
Conrad seems to have been quite effective in his sabotage/threatening of Victoria's lover. It almost seemed too easy... Nothing is that easy on Revenge. Dominick is almost certain to return.

How does Conrad get people killed in jail?
Does Conrad have thugs of his own? Will we be meeting them soon? Does this equate to even more people for Emily to destroy?

There is no doubt that a man as rich and powerful as Conrad Grayson can pay people to do whatever he wants. Still, he did it easily, and whoever he spoke to on the matter seems to have been involved with the David Clarke murder back in the day. As Emily dives deeper into the question of her father's death, that sinister voice on the phone might become important.

Did the Graysons tamper with the David Clarke jury?
Obviously, the answer is yes. If they were willing to threaten a juror in Daniel's trial, of course they would do the same to convict David Clarke and save themselves. Emily's video clip near the beginning of "Justice" mentioned the death of a juror's husband. Were the Graysons (or their minions) behind that?

The numbers of possible crimes and secrets are endless. Just how many crimes will Emily have to avenge before she is done?

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