'Revenge' Redux: How Awesome Is Mason Treadwell?
'Revenge' Redux: How Awesome Is Mason Treadwell?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Of all the evil people deserving of Emily Thorne's destruction on Revenge, Mason Treadwell is the most awesome. Why? Keep reading for oh-so-many reasons.

Who Is Mason Treadwell?

For those of you who choose not to remember absolutely incredible characters on Revenge, here's a Mason Treadwell refresher.

Mason Treadwell (played by Roger Bart) is the author of the definitive book on David Clarke, The Society Connection: David Clarke & the Flight 197 Tragedy. Formerly an insignificant and obscure journalist, Treadwell based his work on extensive interviews with all those involved in the affair. He then twisted his information into a book of overt lies, fed to him by the Graysons.

Mason has been seen in three Revenge episodes so far, "Infamy," "Doubt" and "Legacy."

Why Is He So Awesome?

1. His Affectations
White suits, straw hats and ancient typewriters are all part of Treadwell's desperate attempts to emulate the great authors of history. Mostly, he just succeeds on being amusingly ridiculous.

2. His Passive-Aggressive Wit
We can actually believe that Mason Treadwell is a successful author, thanks to the man's rather considerable -- and nasty -- wit. When speaking with Dr. Michelle Banks at the Graysons' New Year's party, Treadwell pretended to admire the psychologist's book. And then he passive-aggressively informed her that he hadn't bothered to read the thing.

3. His Ego
Despite all of the egomaniacal competition on Revenge, no other character is driven by pure ego as much as Mason Treadwell. This is especially evident due to the fact that Treadwell values the truth and honesty. He knows these are good things.

But Mason ignores good when his ego insists. Thus, we get a man who can have true sympathy for little Amanda Clarke right before he twists her family's story into a better (meaning more lucrative) book.

4. His Low Alcohol Tolerance
The man gets drunk on wine coolers. Enough said.

5. His Relationship with the Graysons
Conrad and Victoria Grayson bought a lot of silence in their attempts to hush up the David Clarke affair. Mason Treadwell was no exception.

He just won't stay bought. Although happy to do the Graysons' bidding when it suits him, Treadwell rebels just as often. When he thought Victoria had stolen his interview recordings, Mason Treadwell used his Grayson-approved blog to hurt Daniel's murder case.

In this week's flashback episode, "Legacy," Mason Treadwell defied the Graysons yet again. The author -- bored and looking for more juicy stories -- sent an inflammatory note certain to put the conspiracy on edge. Treadwell's response when he learned his note had resulted in a man's death? He was amused. He got a story and he got to throw his mockery in Victoria's face.

It's safe to say that we haven't seen the last of Mason Treadwell on Revenge. That's a good thing. We need more of him. There may not be a chance of Treadwell becoming a regular Revenge character (although that would be wonderful), but at least we can hope for a lot of recurring appearances.

Because he's the kind of awesome that Revenge needs.

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