'Revenge' Redux: Burning Questions from 'Grief'
'Revenge' Redux: Burning Questions from 'Grief'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Only one episode remains of Revenge season 1, but that doesn't mean there are no new questions from the latest episode, "Grief." Here are five of the most burning Revenge questions of the week.

Is Nolan cut out for a life of crime?

Short answer -- no.

Now that he's been kidnapped by an evil guy with white hair, Nolan is basically screwed. He does have Emily for backup, but Nolan is seriously the weak link in the crime side of Revenge

Who does the White-Haired Man work for?

Revenge has hinted all season about the terrorists who were actually behind that fateful plane crash. But other than the information that Conrad laundered money for them, we know nothing.

Based on what we saw in "Guilt," these are very bad people (as terrorists often are). The White-Haired Man seems to be the go-to guy for all forms of personal violence, but there has to be a larger conspiracy behind it all.

What do they want? How much of a conspiracy are we talking about? How much is this all going to screw up Emily's plans?

Would Emily actually kill someone?

Nolan's ill-advised descent into the White-Haired Man's lair wasn't just about bugging the place. He also wanted to keep Emily from committing murder. By the end of "Guilt," Emily even agreed that this was for the best.

But I can't imagine that she'll stick with this decision. Emily will have to rescue Nolan somehow, which will put her in direct contact with the White-Haired Man. Will she be able to resist homicide at that point? Will Emily even have a choice?

Just how evil is Daniel?

Until Tyler got shot, Daniel seemed to be an essentially good guy. Sure, he was spoiled and kind of clueless, but Daniel Grayson was the nice one of the family.

Apparently not. Thanks to jail time, jealousy, or perhaps one-too-many parental manipulations, Daniel has gone straight over to the Dark Side. We're talking about a man who calmly accepts Conrad's complicity in mass murder and in the destruction of the Clarke family. I understand the urge to stand by your father, but this seems like a bit much.

Are we just now seeing the true Daniel? Or is this a passing phase, due to end when Daniel sees the error of his ways.

I'm voting for the second option. Because right now, I am honestly regretting that Daniel did not die on that beach.

Where can Emily and Jack take a relationship?

The romantic tension between Jack and Emily led to its natural conclusion in "Grief." It was fitting and sweet that the two shared their first kiss while crying about the dog that connected them. For the first time, we even saw Emily express honest and positive emotions.

Obviously, this is all doomed.

Keep in mind, Emily is still engaged to Daniel. She intends to marry him. Of course, Emily also wants to destroy Daniel and his family, but taking Jack as a lover would only complicate matters. And we've seen what the Graysons do with complications...

There's also that small issue of Jack not knowing Emily's true identity. He isn't the kind of guy to be OK with that, once the truth has come out. That truth will come out at some point. Possibly soon.

We may have to say goodbye to sweet, innocent love when it does.

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