'Revenge' Recap: Whodunnit in the Hamptons
'Revenge' Recap: Whodunnit in the Hamptons
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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OMG! Daniel shot Emily in a drunken rage on the eve of their wedding! Aiden and Jack found just her dress on the shore, but no sign of Emily! Was it all a part of her plan? It's finally time to find out.

Missing Socialite

Nolan watches the news of Emily's disappearance on his laptop, toasting her with a glass of white wine. Patrick comes to find Nolan, making sure he's okay, and Nolan puts on a good act of being confused and distressed. But Patrick doesn't go to Nolan with a comforting kiss (or even a hug), so as far as I'm concerned, this scene is a waste of my time.

Emily washes up near a buoy and tries to retrieve a lock box that she planted there as a part of her plan. But she's so injured, she has to focus on getting to a nearby ship instead of getting her revenge box.

Meanwhile, Aiden is freaking out because he only got the signal from Emily's garter gadget for a few seconds before the signal was lost. Jack feels partially responsible for what's happened since he gave her a deadline to get her revenge and get out, which may have led to the plan being rushed and sloppy. Aiden hops on a fishing boat and tells Jack to go tell Nolan what's happened.

At police headquarters, Conrad is trying to pull all of his resources, including several hundred choppers, to find Emily. Charlotte already suspects Victoria, but Conrad tells her to just let the police do their jobs.

Margaux No Bra hands over hundreds of photos to the police from the day of the wedding, but secretly holds on to a few negatives behind her back. Oh, Margaux, you sneaky-sneak, what are you up to? Trying to be that "serious journalist" again? Because that didn't work out so well the last time you tried it.

Conrad vouches for Lydia to the cops, even though Lydia wasn't with him at the time of the shooting. Victoria, however, has no one to speak to her whereabouts and quickly becomes the cops' number one person of interest. And all Daniel can do is brood. Whether it's over guilt or misery, or both, is unclear.

Aiden finds Emily on the fishing boat and she begs him not to take her to the hospital; she just wants to go away with Aiden as they planned to begin with. But he can't take her with him because she's in desperate need of medical attention, so he makes sure someone on the boat finds her to take her to the hospital.

In the Dark

The Graysons arrive at the hospital when they learn of the news that Emily has been found, but uh-oh, she's not out of the woods yet. Not only is she dealing with the injuries associated with the gunshot wound, she's also suffered severe head trauma when her head hit the water.

Which means when Daniel goes in to see her, she doesn't remember the incident at all. And it's not just the incident she's forgotten, she doesn't know who she is or what she's doing in the hospital. But is she really suffering from amnesia or is it all a part of her plan?

When Patrick approaches his mother to find out about what happened, she assures him that she wasn't responsible for the shooting, which of course he buys right away, because if there is another bigger mama's boy who exists in the Hamptons, we have yet to meet him. He takes her side when Nolan tries to get into the hospital to see Emily, and Victoria wants to keep him out. A little part of me dies every time Nolan and Patrick fight.

But not to worry, even though Nolan doesn't get to see Emily, he plants a phone near a hospital computer to do some more revenging when he gets home. He hacks into the hospital server where he gets Emily's records to learn about her condition. Aiden wants to move her to a safe house where she can get medical attention outside of the reach of the Graysons.

When Jack goes to see Margaux to ask her what happened that night, she shows him the photos that she hid from the cops. Conrad is in all of them at the time of the shooting, but both Lydia and Victoria are conspicuously missing. He takes copies of the photos to show the rest of Team Emily.

Daniel is watching Emily sleep from the hall instead of being at her bedside. Charlotte tells him that Sarah is okay after her suicide attempt, by the way. Oops, I already forgot that that happened. Well, I'm glad she's okay, I guess?

Lydia goes to Grayson Manor to taunt Victoria about being suspected for murder. She says how she can't wait until she's the lady of the house and gets to redecorate. She's always wanted to add a splash of color to the main room, and she does so by pouring her glass of red wine onto Victoria's throne! The nerve of this lady! Well, she gets what's coming to her when Victoria goes to grab her hair and smack her head until Conrad breaks them up. Lydia should be grateful that she escaped that encounter with barely a scratch.

Who Are You?

Aiden poses as an ambulance driver to try and get Emily out of the hospital. But surprise! She really does have amnesia and she greets Aiden's kidnapping attempt with fear and calls for help. So she's stuck in the midst of the Graysons for a while longer.

While Nolan was trying to help Aiden maneuver through the hospital using surveillance, Patrick surprises him with a visit. The two of them fight again (sigh) and agree that things can't work out if one of them is Team Emily and the other is Team Victoria. I mean, I get it, that's how my last relationship ended, too. But most important, Patrick sees Nolan put the revenge box in the vault behind a painting.

Nolan has been doing some research on Emily's condition and he tells the guys that he thinks that her condition is as psychological as it is physical, and an emotional connection might bring her out of it. He wants Jack to give it a shot by asking Charlotte to bring him for a visit, but Jack feels too guilty to go see her at the hospital. Aiden then tells Nolan that his next move involves taking care of a few things on his own for a while. Whatever that entails.

When Daniel learns that Victoria is the prime suspect, he approaches her and tells her the truth that he knows she didn't do it because he shot Emily. He wants to turn himself in to the police, but we all know too well that there's no way Victoria is going to let that happen.

She goes to Margaux looking for an ally. Margaux already doesn't believe the police's story that Victoria shot Emily, so she eats Victoria's story right up when she says she's being framed by Conrad. Margaux tells Victoria that she will help her prove "the truth." What a good little journalist Margaux No Bra is turning out to be. Oh, wait...

Charlotte shows Emily pictures from her wedding to try to jog her memory. She tells Emily that her strength is an inspiration to her and she wonders where she gets it from. In a moment of clarity (but also confusion), Emily tells Charlotte that she gets her strength from her father ... David Clarke.


Lucky for Emily, she only spilled the beans to Charlotte, who does not have the wherewithal to put any of the pieces of the puzzle together. She does tell Jack about it, who assures her that Emily is just mixed up at the moment and was probably just confused. He does, however, agree to go see her to try and get her to remember something.

Victoria tells Conrad that she has the photographic proof to exonerate herself, but he'll have to help her frame Lydia for Emily's shooting. Conrad, of course, tells her to go scratch, until she tells him that it's to protect Daniel that they have to frame Lydia. "It's a terrible feeling, betraying someone you love," Victoria tells Conrad. "I'm so pleased you get to experience the sensation yourself."

When Conrad goes to the South Fork Inn, Lydia tells him how happy she is to finally be with him and glad that they're handling this disaster together. He tells her he has to change his story to the police in light of the new photographic evidence and he'll be there to help and support her, but that she has nothing to be afraid of if she's really innocent. He also tells her to stay put at the South Fork, which she immediately hightails from as soon as he's left the room.

The nurse who has been helping Emily has a mysterious run-in with Aiden in the parking garage. He apparently owes her a debt after she saved his life when he was shot. Aiden asks her to stay with Emily and not to trust the Graysons before she lays a kiss on him. I have no idea what this scene is about or who this broad is or why Aiden is kissing people who are not his fiancee.

Now on the news is the state-wide search for Lydia Davis, who has become the number one suspect in the Emily Thorne shooting. Conrad is mad at Daniel, who he blames for having to sacrifice his chance at a great life with Lydia for. But Daniel isn't feeling so sympathetic, since he didn't ask Conrad to sacrifice anything because he was going to handle it himself. And Conrad does not take Daniel's ungratefulness well and completely cuts him off, saying he is no longer his father.

In an effort to get back into his mama's good graces after she found out he'd been banging Nolan, Patrick tells Victoria what he knows about Nolan's scheming. He tells her about the revenge box with the double infinity on it, which Victoria recognizes as being the same symbol as Emily's tattoo. These two are definitely looking for trouble.

At the hospital, Jack's plan to make an emotional connection to Emily works. He gives her Amanda's necklace, and Emily starts to come back, and unfortunately the first thing she remembers is Amanda's death. (Man, brides really have the worst luck on this show.) Emily digs her fingers into the necklace, so much that it makes her hand bleed over her double infinity tattoo. "Daniel," she whispers to Jack just before he leaves her room. "Daniel shot me." 

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