'Revenge' Recap: Unholy Payback
'Revenge' Recap: Unholy Payback
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Who shot Emily Thorne? Why does Victoria have such creepy sexual chemistry with her tall, dark and handsome long-lost son? Why does Aiden want to destroy Emily? Why does Charlotte think she can pull off bangs? A lot of questions were posed during last week's premiere of Revenge, and this week's episode only gets around to addressing a few.

Up To No Good

Aiden meets with Victoria in the shadows of her wide-brimmed summer hat on the Grayson yacht away from prying eyes to discuss their future plans of taking down Emily Thorne. Apparently, Aiden feels betrayed by Emily after she wouldn't give up her whole revenge scheme and run away with him. Easy for him to say: he already got the revenge that he was seeking when they met as co-eds at Revenge U.

Victoria doesn't quite trust Aiden, but does some of her own digging to see if what he says about Nolan being Emily's partner-in-crime is true. She goes to visit him and notices his large extravagant house, even though he's just gotten out of jail and his company and all of his accounts were frozen. She immediately is suspicious and I guess this is enough to make her trust Aiden.

What I don't understand is if Aiden really wanted to destroy Emily, why wouldn't he just out her right then and there as being Amanda Clark? It seems like he's still protecting her secret, so his status as friend or foe is still a bit unclear.

Red Sharpie Strikes Again

Emily's got her old infinity box out again, except now she's keeping it at Nolan's behind a painting the Graysons had to auction off because they're in financial trouble now that Conrad's no longer governor. Her sights are set on none other than Father Paul, a former employee of Grayson Global that helped them make shady investments.

Under the guise that they're going to his church to see about a wedding venue, Emily and Daniel meet Father Paul, where he seems to be a big, bad, terrible priest. No, wait, he seems like a man of God who is trying to live a better life after making some terrible mistakes when working for Conrad Grayson.

Nolan tries to sway Emily from revenging all over Father Paul, encouraging her to forgive and forget, but it's been, like, 12 episodes since Emily got to use the red Sharpie to cross a face off her list, so someone's got to pay. 

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An Indecent Job Proposal

Meanwhile, Daniel meets with Braless Margo about trying to get a job running a version of her father's French fashion magazine here in the States. Emily encourages him to take the job, and when Braless Margo offers Daniel the job, she also disrobes and offers him her body.

But don't worry, Daniel is nothing if not faithful. He turned down her proposition. He does, however, still want to work for someone who tries to get with an engaged co-worker. After all, she does apologize for trying to jump on him, so all's well, and Daniel will run the magazine from Mantauk.

Victoria summons the Grayson family to meet another illegitimate child of hers for yet another awkward family dinner. Literally no one is happy about Patrick's presence at the dinner table, and Emily manages to roofie Conrad again so it looks like Victoria caused him to have an episode.

While they're having a very Brady family dinner at the Graysons, Aiden breaks into Emily's house to find her infinity box but obviously has no luck.

We also finally learn a little more about how Charlotte lost her baby. Apparently, she's spent all this time blaming herself for Declan's death that the guilt caused her to miscarry. Instead of letting her go on feeling responsible, Jack tells Charlotte that it was really her dad's fault that Declan is dead because he set the bomb off that killed him.

You can imagine how well she takes that news. She storms off to tell her dad that she hopes he "dies miserable and alone."

Revenge Remorse

Emily decides to go through with her plan of taking down Father Paul. She lures him into an apartment pretending to be a troubled citizen and then knocks him out and takes pictures of him in compromising positions with a woman while he's unconscious. She then sends the pictures to Father Paul's boss (a cardinal or something?) and waits deviously with her uncapped red Sharpie for everything to unravel.

But everything doesn't go exactly as planned when she sees first-hand that Father Paul has changed and he's a good man now. He runs a soup kitchen! He knows the children's names at the soup kitchen! He's sorry for what he did before he was a priest! He tells her if her parents were alive, they'd be proud of her!

But Emily sees the light all too late. He's forced to leave the perish after Cardinal Boss Man sees the pictures and has no choice but to fire him or whatever happens to priests who have affairs with women.

But Emily tells Nolan she's going to fix it. Because she's sorry? Not really. But because she thinks that Father Paul is the only person who can get a confession from Conrad about what he did to her father. Now she only has to do five Hail Marys and a couple hundred Our Fathers and she'll be all good.

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