'Revenge' Recap: The Trial of Daniel Grayson
'Revenge' Recap: The Trial of Daniel Grayson
This week on Revenge, I can't even wrap my head around what happened in the second half of the episode. This episode sets up what's going to be a great remaining four episodes. So buckle up!

On the Stand

The courtroom scenes were filmed in a cool way. We don't hear much of the actual events -- instead it's Emily's voice-over. And the sound that is heard from the stand is slowed way down.

Daniel's lawyer wants to get Emily on the stand so she can paint Daniel as a caring, dutiful boyfriend. And that seems to be the Graysons' only hope -- the prosecution is going to call Declan to the stand, too ... until Jack decides to come back into town.

Stay Away, Jack!

Trying to find Amanda at a "crappy motel outside of Boston," he sees Ashley commenting about Declan and the fact that he'll be taking the stand as well. Protecting his younger brother is more important than finding Amanda (aww). But he's still not being steered away from Amanda, as he WON'T get rid of that hoodie he was wearing the night of the shooting, the one that will definitely pin him to the scene of the crime. He says keeping the hood will prove Amanda had nothing to do with it.

Putting the Plan in Motion

We know Emily's plotting but not totally sure what exactly she plans on doing with the evidence she gathers. She bugs the house, hearing Victoria on the phone planning what clearly qualifies as jury-tampering. It's her henchman -- guess he's doing OK after Emily beat him up at the end of last episode. He threatens one of the female jurors who doubts Daniel's innocence.

Then, Emily breaks into Jack's place and steals the hoodie.

Meanwhile, Daniel starts to doubt Emily's loyalty toward him and gets drunk, waiting for her at her place. But -- oh no. The police bust in because he broke the house arrest rules. And Daniel goes back to prison.

Frame Job

Victoria's henchman, after successfully threatening the juror, is stopped by the police on his way to who knows here. He's arrested following an Amber alert (the juror's son he threatened the mother with?) and conveniently, in his car, the police find ... Jack's hoodie! Off to prison he goes.

The henchman calls Victoria collect -- saying "it's her worst nightmare" as the caller, also explaining somewhat what happened.

A Death

With Daniel in prison, he writes a letter to Emily, apologizing for doubting her trust. And at the same time, Daniel's lawyer is seen coming into the jail. It's slow motion, it's drama, it's buildup. Then, Daniel says the right thing to do is "end it" ... and then the lawyer stops in froth of one of the cells to see a man who has hung himself!

Come on, don't tell me you didn't think that it was Daniel for one moment! It turned out to be the henchman. But the way they filmed it was to make you think that it could've been Daniel for a split second. So good!

The Truth Comes Out

Apparently the henchman got in a fight with someone else in jail ... But then we see Emily listening to a conversation Conrad is having ... saying what happened to the henchman is what happened to David Clarke! Emily tells Nolan she was told her father was killed in a prison knife-fight, but now the Graysons -- specifically Conrad -- seem to be behind it!

It's going to fuel Emily's fire now -- and nothing's going to stand in her way.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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