'Revenge' Recap: The Three Mrs. Graysons
'Revenge' Recap: The Three Mrs. Graysons
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Hey Revengers! I know it seems like it has been forever since we last got our Revenge fix in, but the wait is finally over. Let's see what the first Mrs. Grayson is doing in the Hamptons and if Emily really slept with her father-in-law. Yikes!

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Brain Games

Emily is getting an MRI to find out why she's been having dizzy spells and blackouts. But her doctor says she looks like she's healing nicely, and she's not sure what could be causing such symptoms. She recommends a neurologist and a therapist. Like Emily isn't already way past therapy. She's on a three-year (and counting) plan for revenge. I don't think lying down on the couch is going to help much at this point. 

Well, the number one question you were all wondering about during the hiatus has been answered: Yes, Victoria has a new throne. And Conrad goes to see her highness to finalize plans for their second divorce. But he assures her they won't be fighting over the same things this time. And what do you know, Victoria gets a message just that moment about her gallery being on fire.

But Conrad had nothing to do with the fire. It was Patrick who lit the fire after Victoria told him about being raped by his father. Not only that, but he calls Jimmy, his mother's rapist, to help assess the damage. And he flat-out tells Victoria that he's going to kill him. Couldn't you have just killed him without setting your mother's gallery on fire? Patrick, you're a very attractive man, but sometimes I wonder if you're playing with a full deck.

Emily goes to Nolan's because she requested that he get the security footage from last night from the South Fork Inn. And don't worry, she didn't actually bang Conrad, so that's a relief. It turns out she had drinks at the bar, talked on the phone with someone and then Conrad brought her to a room (not his). But Emily doesn't remember anything because of her fugue state. She gets a call from Stevie Grayson, who apparently was the person she talked to on the phone the previous night about the details of her divorce. 

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The Grayson Ladies

Jack and Margaux No Bra are house hunting. They seem happy and it's kind of sweet. Jack is one of the few good guys left on this show and he deserves someone who isn't lying to him about who she is. But Margaux isn't as happy when she shows up to to work and Conrad is holding a meeting without her. She tells him that she runs the show around here, but Conrad admits to trying to get her father's attention. Now what is he up to?

It's Charlotte's birthday, again, and all she wants from Daniel is a job at his magazine. But uh-oh, his dad got him fired so he can't help her out there. But he wants to throw her an epic birthday party instead.

Mrs. Emily Grayson meets with Mrs. Stevie Grayson at the Stowaway to discuss the terms of her divorce. It turns out that Emily told Stevie all about how Daniel cheated on her in their home, which Stevie says is grounds for an immediate annulment. Emily learns that she also told Stevie about how she was in love with another man. Oops. Looks like Blackout Emily is a bit of a blabbermouth. Anyway, she tells Stevie that she does not want a divorce after all. Emily starts to hear pounding in her ears. She closes her eyes. And when she opens them...

...She's at Aiden's trying to have some angry sex with him. She says she chose her plan over him. But Aiden pushes her away and tells her if she wants to have a sensible conversation about their relationship, he'll call her from London. But now he has to go.

But before he even gets into the car that will take him to Nolan's jet, he's bopped on the head by Bitter Niko. She ties him up in her father's house and threatens to avenge Takada's death. Not only that, but she's going to lure Emily there and kill her too.

Conrad visits Stevie at the South Fork Inn. He wants her to help her with his new divorce and get Victoria her comeuppance. But Stevie says she's not interested in getting involved in Grayson nonsense because she's at a happy place in her life.

She doesn't seem too happy, though, when she runs into Victoria shopping. The two obviously don't have a friendly history as they exchange barbs about how Victoria won the battle on everything that was once Stevie's and about how Victoria has as many baby daddies as she has children. Something tells me that Victoria should have been a bit more gracious to Stevie, but that's just not in her nature.

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After the Fire

Jimmy is assessing the fire damage at the gallery and Patrick plans on turning the electricity on him to zap the living you-know-what out of him until he starts talking to him about his illegitimate child. Yes, Jimmy tells a complete stranger that he has a son he never met and he paints a pretty picture of having wanted to be with his mother but she hid him from him. Patrick can't bring himself to electrocute his dad/mother's rapist after all.

Nolan finds Emily asleep on the porch swing at the Clark house. She wakes up confused; the last thing she remembers is meeting with Stevie, and that was yesterday. Nolan is worried that Emily is going to do or say something that gives herself away while she's living with the Graysons. Her heart starts pounding again and she blacks out...

...And wakes up at Charlotte's party where she congratulates her (for the second time that night) for getting a job at the magazine.

Elsewhere at the party, Margaux asks Daniel about the extent of their fathers' relationship. Daniel only knows that Pasquale was an investor at Grayson Global and that's it. She's going to have to go to Paris to find out more from her father to find out why Conrad has been scheming.

Victoria sees Jimmy at the party and sees red. She gets him away from her daughter as soon as possible and asks him to leave. He misinterprets her glares as looks of interest and tries to come on to her. Maybe Patrick should have electrocuted him after all.

After the party, Victoria finds Patrick at the gallery and is enraged. Patrick tells her how he's confused because their two stories don't exactly match up and he is just trying to get to know his parents. Victoria tells him he came to the party, and she saw the same hate in his eyes as the night he raped her. Just then, Jimmy walks in and hears them talking. He puts it together that she's Vicki Harper, the girl "who was asking for it."

He goes in to grab Victoria, but Patrick gets in the way and pushes him aside. He hits his head and falls to the floor. Patrick tries to call an ambulance as his father bleeds out on the floor, but Victoria takes the phone from him and hangs up and tells her rapist to "Relax, honey" (the same thing he said to her as he was raping her) and lets him die.

Later, Victoria tells Patrick that the coroner ruled Jimmy's death an accident from head trauma after a fall from a ladder. Victoria says now they can finally move on from this dark time in their lives. Patrick says he doesn't know if he he can "just move on" from watching his father die. 

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Blackout Knockout

Stevie gets a drink at the Stowaway "for old time's sake." She introduces herself to Jack, who doesn't seem happy to meet another Grayson. She asks what she has against the Graysons, and he tells her that Conrad has caused his family a lot of pain in the past. After he walks away, she cancels her flight back to LA and tells her assistant to get her Conrad's cell phone number.

After the party, Emily goes to Nolan's where he tells her that she totally freaked out on him before at the porch, saying several hurtful things to him. While she's there, she sees Takada's sword hilt in a box of Aiden's things and puts it together that she planted the sword for Niko to find. She goes to find Aiden, sure that Niko is taking steps to carrying out her revenge plan.

She finds Aiden and Niko at Takada's. They engage in some sexy lady samurai sword play until Emily pins Niko. Aiden tells her not to kill her because she doesn't deserve to die. Aiden tells Niko that her father died by his own code after they fought like warriors. Then Niko just leaves. So I guess that storyline is done?

Emily apologizes to Aiden for planting the sword, even though she doesn't remember doing it. She says she couldn't give him a normal life or a family so that's why she probably tried to push him away. Aiden says that he never wanted either of those things, he just wanted her, but she never gave him the choice to decide that for himself. Then he tells her to get help with her murky brain and says goodbye.

The next day, Emily tells Nolan that the neurologist says that there is nothing physical causing her blackouts. He tells her that they have to consider her mother's mental health when looking at her current state. This makes Emily even more depressed, thinking that she's just as lost and hopeless as her mother when she suffered from mental illness.

Back at Grayson Manor, Daniel tells Charlotte that he thinks Emily is out to get him. He chooses to let her keep believing that Lydia shot Emily and not him. Then he asks her to keep an eye on their father now that she works at the magazine.

The next day, Stevie interrupts Victoria and Conrad's divorce proceedings. It turns out that she is the rightful owner of Grayson Manor, since technically Conrad bought the house before the two were legally divorced. Victoria says she will fight her for it, but unfortunately, until then she'll have to find another place to live. And Stevie tells Conrad that this does not mean they are allies. She says to him, "You wreak havoc in the lives of others, and that is about to catch up to you."

To celebrate her new house, Stevie goes back to the Stowaway. She asks Jack to tell her all about how Conrad hurt his family and he says it's none of her business. But wait, it is her business. Why? Because she's his mother! And the plot, once again, thickens! 

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