'Revenge' Recap: Revenge Is Back and Not So Sweet
'Revenge' Recap: Revenge Is Back and Not So Sweet
After a thrilling midseason finale that this viewer thought would set in motion for a killer return, this week's Revenge took a step back in terms of the action and pace.

It didn't reveal any new information about any of the characters who played a part in the framing of David Clarke.

Instead, it's Daniel's birthday, which brings out the crazy in Tyler and neatly wraps up that storyline. The Grayson family and those who have joined for dinner are at the mercy of the gun-toting con man.

Kiss and Make Up

Back in the midseason finale, Emily and Nolan exchanged some heated words after she exposed his video of him and Tyler. But now they're all better, after Emily tells Nolan she Googled "friendship," and apparently after a fight, one is supposed to apologize. Side note: This woman can do it all, can't she? She's flawless -- taking down powerful people who wronged her family, all while being sweet and now, funny.

I didn't actually think Emily and Nolan's fight would last that long, so it was good to see Emily make the first move to patch things up. This show is better when the two are scheming the next plot.

In the Deep End

Tyler is psychotic, if you didn't guess. And everyone is catching onto him -- Conrad even called Harvard Business School about Tyler and found out he isn't enrolled. Conrad and Victoria finally see that all summer -- no, ever since he met Daniel -- they were being conned.

Tyler's craziness is now official, after Emily finds his medication and calls the doctor pretending to be Tyler's new doctor. And because she steals the bottle from his bag (genius), it causes Tyler to be ... extra crazy without them. And he's mad. Oh, so mad.

He goes to see Nolan -- actually, more to threaten him with a knife -- demanding copies of Nolan's videos that he stole. And when Nolan doesn't oblige, Tyler cuts Nolan's arm, then ties him up. And he goes off to crash Daniel's birthday dinner.

Victoria Vs. Conrad

It's not a surprise that these two had a pre-nup. Victoria "only" wants a couple of things: a few paintings, the Hamptons house -- oh, and Charlotte. Conrad is led to believe that because Victoria was pregnant (and later miscarried) when she signed the papers, it's null because she was in a state of duress.

Except Victoria actually wasn't pregnant. She lied. I guess when you're a backstabbing, soulless gold-digger like Victoria, you can't leave any stone unturned.

Thanks to her awesome lawyer, though, he's gotten a doctor to forge some documents that prove that she was, indeed, pregnant and miscarried.

The (Not So) Big Bang

It's Daniel's birthday dinner on the beach and everyone is there -- his family, Emily, even Jack and "Amanda Clarke." Tyler, meanwhile, is inside watching them, and comes out when Emily goes to get the cake.

She emerges with the candles lit -- and Tyler close behind holding a gun. He wants to play a game. Truth or Die. (He's clever, that Tyler.)

He asks Conrad to speak the truth about David Clarke, but before anything happens, Nolan appears with Tyler's brother, who came from California after Nolan and Emily tracked him down. When Tyler's attention shifts to his brother, Daniel and Jack tackle Tyler, and Daniel even gives him a punch for good measure.

Turns out the gun -- Emily's gun -- was not loaded.

What About the Lawyer?

After Emily was seen in the midseason finale crossing out the face of Victoria's lawyer, who also happens to be the lawyer that Amanda Clarke pleaded to to appeal her father's case, I'm anxious to know what she has in store for him, but I'm assuming he's being kept around to play a part in Victoria and Conrad's divorce.

Whose side are you on? Do you think Victoria will get custody of Charlotte? And who is the mysterious doctor who's forging his signature?

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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