'Revenge' Recap: Nolan's Very Own Takedown
'Revenge' Recap: Nolan's Very Own Takedown
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Aiden can't stop talking about how he can't wait for Emily to fake her own death and frame Victoria so he can take Emily far away from this wretched place and they can live happily ever after. Cool it, dude, first things first. Let's not put the revenge horse ahead of the revenge cart.

Gettin' Bizzy

Conrad hires a woman by the unfortunate name of Bizzy with an unfortunate overbite, and right off the bat she's insufferable. Her main goal is to give the Grayson image a makeover and she wants to start by making sure Emily and Victoria are at least pretending to get along. She also wants to make a much bigger public spectacle over Daniel and Emily's wedding.

It turns out that Nolan has had the displeasure of encountering this Ms. Bizzy as well. Right before he was about to resolve things with his father, Bizzy put out a piece in the tabloids that outed Nolan after he had a fling with one of her clients. His public outing led his father to cancel their reunion, and he never got another chance to reconcile with his dad before he died.

So naturally, Emily and Nolan concoct a plan to take this Bizzy B down. Nolan tells Emily that he's learned oh-so-much about being vindictive from her. A friendship born in revenge heaven.

Surprise, surprise: Victoria is still trying to plot to try and break up Daniel and Emily. She tracks down Aiden while he's in the shower (I'm not complaining about another gratuitous half-naked Aiden scene) to tell him that he needs to try and get back in Emily's life to hasten their break-up. Obviously, this can't happen because Aiden is still Team Emily, but it puts him in a tough spot because he doesn't want to lose access to the Graysons.

Daniel stops by the Stowaway to check in on Sarah to make sure she's settling into her new job. He can tell that she misses baking, so he offers her a job to make their wedding cake. Emily agrees to hire her after they do a taste-test at her home. Sarah tells Daniel that he's getting closer to earning her forgiveness. It's so painfully obvious that Daniel is still into Sarah, but Emily is too busy plotting the downfall of Bizzy to even notice.

Speaking of which, Emily feeds Bizzy a phony story about how she was married once before. She "begs" Bizzy not to let it get out, but of course she plays right into her trap and tells Victoria. Victoria is positively thrilled to hear of this juicy piece of gossip and demands that Bizzy find out more.

Independence Day

Victoria's throwing an Independence Day party which is likely to be the talk of the town, like all of her parties. But before that, Jack and Margaux No Bra have a candlelit date on the roof of the Stowaway. Jack can't make a move because he is still feeling feelings about Amanda. But don't worry, he gets over it after visiting her grave and taking off his wedding ring. Then Margaux No Bra proves that she indeed never wears a bra when they finally consummate their strong like for each other at Jack's place.

Conrad wants Margaux to write his comeback story for her magazine, but she tells him they have to maintain their journalistic integrity at the magazine. (Ha!) But Margaux says she may be interested in something more in-depth where she can get at the truth of who Conrad Grayson really is.

Aiden tries to convince Victoria that he's trying to get to Emily, but he does just the opposite at the Independence Day party. Victoria sees that Aiden's interaction with Emily barely ruffled Daniel's feathers, so she dismisses him from being her partner in Team Takedown Emily and kicks him out of her house.

But little does Victoria know that Aiden has nothing to do with why Daniel's feathers weren't ruffled. It's really because he can't stop thinking about Sarah and all of the good times they had before Daniel almost killed her. He goes in for a kiss with her at the party under the fireworks, but Sarah pulls away.

Meanwhile, Nolan and Emily are carrying on with their plan to take out Bizzy. Nolan uses some Google Glasses or some magic camera glasses to get the pass code to her phone so he can hack into it. He originally plans on using it to expose her clients' secrets, but then he finds out that she's been hiding secrets of her own by cheating on her husband.


After Charlotte's bangs managed to convince Victoria that Sarah might be the key to stopping Daniel's wedding, Victoria decides to take the plan to the next step. She visits Sarah and tells her that she thinks that she's the one for her son, and the two of them should pair up so Victoria can help Sarah win Daniel back. This is pretty low, even for Victoria. Especially since if Sarah does decide to run with the devil, the devil will more than likely simply discard her once she's served her purpose.

Nolan confronts Bizzy with what he's learned from hacking into her phone. He tells her that he's here for payback, and that he's e-mailed all of her clients telling them that she can't be trusted with their secrets. But now, she belongs to him and that she is now to be at his disposal of whenever and wherever he might need her. He can't, however, go in for the ultimate kill and tell her husband about the affair. He says that she has to end her affair today, otherwise he'll tell her husband.

Emily and Nolan celebrate their victory, but Nolan tells her not to get too excited. His Google Glasses spot something else at the Independence Day party: Daniel doing a little extracurricular canoodling with Sarah. Emily dramatically says how she needs to do everything she can to stop that situation from developing even more. She can't let anything stop the wedding. 

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