'Revenge' Recap: Flashback Overload!
'Revenge' Recap: Flashback Overload!
In this week's Revenge, the entire episode is a flashback -- and a flashback in a flashback. It's all a bit confusing, and I'm not sure that it was executed well. In one flashback, it's 2002, when the Graysons throw their New Year's Eve party, where Amanda Clarke gets herself there to check out all the people she'll be seeking revenge against. Further in the past, we see the first time David Clarke and Victoria meet.

An Episode About Nothing?

Everyone's back in the past! Lydia, Uncle Bill, young Amanda, a shaggy-haired Jack, a super-young Declan and their dad.

I know what the purpose of the episode was -- to complete another piece of the puzzle and show some context to Emily's rage and everyone's back story. But was it necessary? Especially a flashback in a flashback? We already had the pieces to the story. The show already did a great job of blending the past with the present, but this one was a bit too much. Perhaps if the episode was aired a lot earlier in the season, it could have worked. But with the story line so far advanced, the timing of it isn't right. To spend an hour showing us things we already knew made it feel like nothing actually happened. What do you think? Do you agree? Is my assessment too harsh?

All I can say is: Bring on the final two episodes!

Coming Full Circle

What this episode does offer is a chance to see when Amanda Clarke becomes Emily Thorne, Grayson Destroyer. While working the New Year's party, she's supposed to be meet up with one of her father's old friends, someone who's supposed to help her. But he ends up dead -- a bit gruesomely in the bathtub. It makes Emily hysterical. Then the show in the end finally comes to present day, where Emily and Daniel are discussing the upcoming New Year's Eve party! So at least we know that she's planning on taking her revenge in the 2012 party, 10 years later. At least it's all coming full circle.

Jack Feels Betrayed

We also know why Jack hates Nolan so much. He catches Nolan and his girlfriend (at the time) kissing! But to Nolan's credit, she initiates the move first. Jack sees it happen and throws a huge punch.

Esther Gim
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