'Revenge' Recap: Emily's Back in Action
'Revenge' Recap: Emily's Back in Action
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It may have seemed for a hot second last week that Emily was done revenging for the time being, but oh, has she changed her mind in a jiffy.

At the start of this week's episode of Revenge, she wakes up in a pool of her own blood because she tore her stitches out of her stomach in her sleep. And instead of having Nurse Niko stitch her back up, she tells her to cauterize her wound with a hot iron, thus proving she is back to her full-blown bad-ass self.

Besides shoving burning hot irons on her body, Emily wants to use her time at Grayson Manor to her benefit, specifically by playing mind games with the Graysons. She meets with Dr. Robinson, Victoria's therapist, in order to tell Victoria she's trying to work past her problems and hopes that Daniel will talk with him too. Victoria is not optimistic about this, since Daniel's barely laid eyes on Emily since their talk.

Conrad is moving out and is a bit steamed with Emily for calling the press conference that threw Lydia under the bus. But he tells her to join him at the South Fork Inn sometime when she's lost her love and happiness as well.

Nolan goes to the gallery to confront Patrick, who seems apologetic enough, but Nolan is not in such a forgiving mood after Patrick assaulted him and then stole from him. But he does leave some information that Patrick may find interesting about Victoria and her past. Something that she hasn't been willing to share.

Margaux No Bra and Jack are enjoying playing house and they're out for a morning stroll with Baby Carl. Margaux is excited to see her magazine on the newsstand, but her excitement is short-lived when she sees that a story with her byline on it doesn't have the words that she wrote. She ditches Jack and Baby Carl to deal with the emergency at the office.

Wake-Up Call

Back at Grayson Manor, Emily gets Margaux's call for Daniel, so she goes to wake him up. She finds him in bed with Sarah, and a completely unashamed smug look on his face. Oh, no you didn't, Daniel. She may not give two craps about you, but you do not disrespect Emily Thorne and get away with it.

Emily finds Sarah sunbathing indignantly by the pool. She tells her that she's not going to stand for her lounging around her house, and that if she knew what was good for her and Daniel, she'd get out before people started talking about how Daniel had a trashy mistress.

And for once, Victoria agrees with Emily. She tells Daniel that parading his mistress around is going to enrage Emily and it will be bad news for both him and Sarah.

Nolan is mad that not only is he still rooming with Aiden, even though him and Emily are through, but now Aiden's brought Niko over to stay too. Niko tells Aiden that Emily is doing fine physically, but she's still emotionally distraught that she can't have kids, and then she puts her lips all over Aiden. Aiden holds her and tells her that he'll help her avenge her father's death. But whoops, he's the one who killed her father. So good luck working that one out, Aiden.

Margaux and Daniel figure out that Conrad was behind the misprint in the magazine because he paid off the suddenly absent editor and is now suing for libel. The story accused Conrad of framing Lydia for murder, and now it would seem that he's making good on his promise to ruin Daniel's life.

Margaux No Bra and Daniel meet with Conrad to try and settle the suit. Conrad says he'll drop all charges if Margaux fires Daniel from the magazine. Without hesitation, Margaux agrees. She doesn't want her business and reputation getting caught in the crossfire of Grayson drama. Wise decision, Margaux.

Nolan goes to visit Emily where he accidentally lets it slip that Aiden and Niko are kickin' it. Emily goes for a swim to try and cool off, but blacks out and comes to at Nolan's house. Aiden finds her confused as to how she got there and just wanting to leave. But Aiden tries to tell her that they can't just throw the future they planned for away.

Finding Daddy

It turns out the information Nolan had for Patrick was about his birth father. Patrick is mad at Victoria for having his birth father arrested for trespassing when he came looking for him when he was a child at the orphanage. Victoria says she did it to protect him, but Patrick still wants to find out about his father on his own terms.

Patrick finds his father, Jim Brennan, and follows him to his home where he's playing catch with a boy who is presumably his son. Patrick laments the fact that he had a loveless childhood and, looking at Jim play with his kid, wonders if things could have been different for him if Victoria hadn't kept them apart.

Victoria follows Patrick when he goes to Jim's favorite bar where he'll pretend to be someone looking for work. She tries to tell Patrick the truth, but Patrick tells her she's had her chance to talk and now he just wants to meet his dad. But before they can leave, Victoria comes face-to-face with Jim and has a panic attack.

Patrick takes her out of the bar and gives her tea by the fireside. She tells him everything: how her mother murdered a man and convinced her to take the blame, how another suitor molested her and how Patrick's father raped her right when she was trying to start a new life. After he was born, Jim started stalking them, and she decided to go to Paris and give Patrick to the nuns who promised never to give the baby to Jim for the good of both of them.

Mistress No More

Jack is already head-over-heels for Margaux No Bra. He tells her that he's been house hunting, that he loves her and, although it's fast, he wants a home where they can start things fresh together. She tells him she loves him too, and agrees.

Meanwhile, the other happy couple, Sarah and Daniel, are planning a romantic excursion to Rome. But before they can board the plane, Sarah's mom barges in (with Emily, of course) and she is not happy with Sarah. She accuses Sarah of lying to her family, sneaking around with a married man who once caused her so much emotional and physical pain that her mother literally had to nurse her back to health. She can't believe how Emily almost died and now Sarah's wrecking her marriage.

All of Sarah's protests about how Emily's evil seem asinine, and Mom tells Sarah to come with her, they're leaving. But Sarah stands her ground and tells her mom to mind her own business. Her mom then tells her that she's no daughter of hers. Ouch. Looks like Rome will have to wait, at least until Sarah stops crying.

Over at Camp Revenge, Nolan gives Niko a false lead about the man who supposedly killed her father. He tells her that it's the same man who placed the bomb at Grayson Global (that killed Declan) and that he's alive and well and living in Moscow.

Aiden thanks Nolan for helping him to doctor the information that will get rid of Niko for a while. Nolan was glad to help, especially if Niko ends up killing the man who killed Declan because then justice will be served.

But Niko's not gone quite yet. When gathering her things, she finds Takeda's katana under Aiden's bed. She recognizes it as not only her father's katana, but also the weapon that killed him as evidenced by the crime scene photos. I hope Aiden is taking some time to enjoy a sunrise or two, because his days are most certainly numbered.

Back at Grayson Manor, Sarah decides after giving it some more thought that her mother is right; she doesn't want to be the other woman. She admits to getting swept up in something too complicated, and now she wants out.

Daniel goes to Emily's room and is ticked off, to put it lightly. He grabs her by the hair and shoves her on the bed and blames her for taking away everything good he's had in his life. She says now they're both dead inside, and they made each other that way and that's why they're right for each other. Daniel seems to disagree, telling her that sterilizing her was his gift to the universe. RIP seasons 1 and 2 Daniel. That sweet and naive guy is officially dead.

Emily suffers another blackout (a symptom of her head injury?) and wakes up in a strange bed. She's startled to realize she's at the South Fork Inn and Conrad's there. "You were marvelous last night, Mrs. Grayson," he tells her. UM, WHAT?!

And as if there weren't already enough Mrs. Graysons, it looks like Mrs. Grayson number one (in case you forgot, Conrad was married before Victoria) is back in town. And I can only imagine what she's going to stir up. 

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