'Revenge' Recap: Confession Will Be the Death of You
'Revenge' Recap: Confession Will Be the Death of You
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It was great to see Emily Thorne bust out her old friend the red Sharpie in the last episode, and this week, she's uncapped and loaded and has her sights set on putting a big red X on Conrad Grayson's smug face.

Forgive Her Father for She Has Sinned

Emily admits to Nolan that she made a big mistake taking down Father Paul after she realized that he was actually a pretty decent dude (for a priest) who regrets what he did to her father. But that doesn't mean she's not going to use his compromised position -- that she put him in -- to her full advantage.

She pays Father Paul a visit at a monastery where he is seeking the advice of some wise old monk. She sneaks into the confessional booth and confronts him and admits to being the one who framed him. She tells him that she will clear his name so he can get his parish back if he gets Conrad to confess everything he did to David Clark. And if he doesn't agree to go along with her scheme, she will out him for being involved with the David Clark scandal to begin with.

Back in the Hamptons, when she's not switching his pills to make him think that he's a dying man, Emily plants the seed of confession into Conrad's head.

Plotting and Scheming

Victoria and Aiden continue to rendezvous to plot Emily's downfall. Aiden tells Victoria that Emily bought Nolan's new $10 million home, and she did it with money from a Cayman account that he thinks is the Grayson fortune that was drained with Carrion. Not only that, but he tells her that he was still sleeping with Emily even after she and Daniel got re-engaged.

So, of course, the first thing Victoria does is scurry off to tell Daniel about all of the horrible things his fiance has done. And like the little Spaniel he is, Daniel immediately buys it all. Because his mother has never tried to manipulate him into dumping Emily before or anything.

Meanwhile, Nolan is planning an exclusive housewarming party. He runs into Patrick at some fancy country club where we find out that Patrick has even more chemistry with Nolan than he does with Victoria. Which is a great deal sexier because, you know, they're not related. Nolan flirtatiously invites Patrick to his party before he realizes that he's Victoria's son.

When he tells Emily, she warns him to keep his distance from Patrick until they know more about him (yeah, right), and Victoria warns Patrick to stay away from Nolan because he's too close to Emily (yeah, right).

Margo No Bra wants to do a cover story on Nolan for her stupid French magazine, and for some reason, Daniel is really against it. She manages to score an invite to Nolan's party by flaunting her bralessness around Jack, who of course was invited, and convincing him to make her as his plus one.

Hampton Royals

At Nolan's party, Daniel is immediately pressed to see that the No Bra disobeyed his orders and is courting Nolan to be on the cover of her magazine. And Emily is feeling a bit jilted to see Jack at the party with Margo No Bra. Also, Charlotte is still angry at Emily for some petty reason that I don't even care about. Charlotte is becoming more obsolete with each episode: her bangs are the only thing interesting about her these days.

Everything is going just fine, until Victoria makes her entrance with good old Aiden on her arm. They ambush Emily, accusing her of the affair and implying that she has something to do with the lack of Grayson funds. In anger (calculated anger because this is, after all, Emily Thorne we're talking about), Emily lets it slip that the Graysons are as broke as a joke and everyone at the party is shocked.

While everyone's partying at Nolan's, Conrad is talking to Father Paul, who is trying to convince him to turn himself in to the police for what he did to David Clark, to face death knowing that he did what he could to be a better man. Admitting that he set off a bomb at Grayson Global that killed Declan probably wouldn't be a bad idea, either, but Father Paul doesn't even mention that. Conrad seems sold on the fact that it would be better for his soul and for his children to face his sins head-on like a man.

Patrick does show up to Nolan's party, but only after all of the festivities have ended. They have a sexy back-and-forth in which Patrick tells Nolan that he's not going to let his mother or Emily get in the way of anything that may happen between them in the future. Yes. Shipping this so hard right now.

Go into the (Fiery) Light

Emily and Daniel have another fight after Daniel installs a security system in her home without her permission. He tells her that Aiden only disappeared that night because he shot him in her house. And now he's afraid that Aiden is back to get either him or her. Daniel's suspicions have gone from zero to 100 in just the span of one conversation from his known-manipulator of a mother.

But maybe Daniel is right to be suspicious. Emily meets Aiden at the beach later where it's clear that the two have been in cahoots this whole time. Wow, Revenge, what a twist. We didn't see that one coming at all. Apparently, it wasn't a part of the plan, though, for Aiden to tell Victoria about their affair. Now Emily is worried she's losing control of Daniel.

She's not the only woman losing control of a Grayson. When Conrad tells Victoria he's turning himself in for what they did to David Clark, she handles it like a mature adult. And by that, I mean she scratches his face and then throws what I can only assume is a very expensive vase at him. She tells him that if she gets in the car to go to the police, she promises that it's the last thing he will ever do.

Well, maybe it's not the last thing Conrad will ever do, but it's definitely the last thing Father Paul will ever do. Emily finds Conrad's car in flames on the side of the road with Father Paul lying, presumably dead, on the pavement. But Conrad seems to have survived, as he emerges battered from the flaming car.

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