'Revenge' Recap: 'Chaos' Happens!
'Revenge' Recap: 'Chaos' Happens!
Oh, what another riveting episode of Revenge! I'm really loving this show! Tonight, the drama was, yes, chaotic, but is Tyler really in control now? I don't even care, I just want me some more Revenge!

The Devil's Daughter

An angry, gun-weilding Tyler is on the loose and he calls Emily "the devil's daughter" on the phone. Tyler has "Amanda" bound and gagged and he tells Emily not to even think about cancelling the engagement part or "Amanda" will pay the price.

Emily meets Tyler face-to-face in a parking garage and is shocked when "Amanda" comes out of the shadows holding a gun on Emily, but things cool down later. Even later than that, Tyler holds a gun on Daniel who is outside alone pouting because Emily refused to run off to Paris with him to get married there.

Hot and Cold

Victoria's "Fire and Ice" engagement party is pure Grayson. By that I mean everyone is dressed to the tens, but a quiet form of hell begins to break loose right at the beginning. Imagine slipping away into the den among a home full of elegantly dressed guests during your son's engagement party to have a chat about divorce, complete with papers to sign! That's Condrad and Victoria for ya.

In front of a room full of guests all in red and white, Victoria, in a stunning red gown, reads a speech about Emily being "beguiling." She also says "In a word, I approve," which of course is actually two words, if you're counting.

Grandpa Grayson Gets His Grandkids in Line

Daniel and his grandfather meet for lunch in a lovely outdoor setting, but Grandpa Grayson gets right to the point. He wants Daniel to convince an important Grayson Global client to keep his money invested in the company. Daniel ends up telling the client he hopes to run away with his fiance to Paris -- gee, I don't think Grandpa will approve of that!

The next stop on Grandpa's agenda is to talk Charolotte out of seeking help from a therapist even though her drinking is getting out of control due to finding out Conrad is actually not her dad. Gee, aren't you sweet, Gramps. Grandpa Grayson tells Charolotte that now one must know "that your mother slept with a terrorist." Well, Victoria would disagree with everything about this!

A Bloody and Chaotic Ending

After "Amanda" runs to Jack who is on his docked boat, they embrace and discuss the possibility of disappearing to Port-au-Prince. But, faster than I can add the hypens to that word, "Amanda" is off and running and Jack, who notices blood on his hand after hugging "Amanda," runs after her.

Things get even bloodier when a blood-curdling scream from the beach interrupts the Graysons' Fire and Ice engagement party for Daniel and Emily. It's pure chaos when everyone runs outside to find Daniel motionless in the sand with a bloody cut on his face. Victoria is screaming "Daniel!" and can't calm down. Then, suddenly, the actual (I think!) Daniel emerges on the scene with a bloodied shirt. Okay, I'm confused, if that is the real Daniel, who is the lookalike on the beach?

What do you think is really going on here? Is this all Tyler's doing or is someone else involved?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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