'Revenge' Recap: A Big Shocker -- Lives are Ruined
'Revenge' Recap: A Big Shocker -- Lives are Ruined
Christopher Spicer
Christopher Spicer
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An episode of Revenge means lives are being ruined, and "Revelations" follows that tradition perfectly. Emily, of course, continues to do whatever it takes to make the Graysons' lives resemble hell, and Victoria proves why she ranks high on everyone's top TV villains list. Now, you've got Daniel trying his best to crush the lives of people like Nolan, and Kenny and Nate Ryan do some literal crushing. All this ruining of lives makes season 2 even more intriguing with promises for some pretty action-packed and unpredictable upcoming storylines.

Emily and Aiden Hit the Life-Ruining Jackpot

Emily and Aiden have wreaked havoc on five different lives this episode, which even for Emily seems to be a record. Both Ashley and Salvador are collateral damage rather than actual targets, but it is still enough to shove them over into the category of victims of Emily's exceedingly more convoluted revenge plot. I do need to add that calling the plot convoluted isn't really a criticism, because it helps lead to one crazy and twisty episode.

Now, you could argue Salvador's currently screwed up life is courtesy of Daniel, but that is giving too much credit to the Initiative's newest sacrificial lamb. Aiden perfectly set Daniel up to catch Salvador's little naked wrestling match with Ashley, and it isn't really an act of a genius to take a picture and threaten a very compromised freeloader.  Aiden's puppeteering of Daniel has also suddenly made him the newest play thing of the secret alliance of evil, which makes him ruined life number three.

You have to wonder if the plan worked out perfectly. Did Aiden expect Daniel to essentially lock him out of the boardroom? I realize the plan was to just get Daniel into power, but you'd think it would all work out easier if Aiden became his right-hand man.  Then again, you'd think Emily would be slightly aware that Daniel is still making kissing noises at her photos and would instantly get back together if she winked at him. They should be able to keep Daniel close by, even if it looks like the Initiative has him even closer.

Has the Unthinkable Happened? Victoria and Conrad Turning Good?

Victoria and Conrad are, of course, the last batch of people that Emily made sure had a rotten week.  Even though Conrad is slime for sleeping with Daniel's girlfriend (not that Daniel is much of a sympathetic character anymore), the Graysons for the most part are fairly noble. Yes, Victoria is at her villainous best when dealing with Ashley, but she's just trying to protect her son. The episode ends up with Victoria making a desperate phone call to Emily, and I wonder if we'll finally get the super team we were teased with at the start of this season. 

I'm sure Emily isn't done tormenting the Graysons, but at this point, she knows the Initiative is really the people responsible for her father's destruction.  I wonder if her plan involves protecting Daniel from any major harm or if the ambitious kid's fate is going down the David Clarke path.

Nolan Strikes Back -- Hopefully

I'm less sympathetic to Daniel because he has done a fine job in ruining poor Nolan's life. Nolan also teases that he has some master plan to save his company and possibly make things even worse for Grayson Global. It will be interesting to find out what he has in store because it doesn't appear to be tied in with any of Emily's plans.

Marco is now officially the latest ambiguous character on Revenge.  At this point, he seems to be baking a large batch of bitter cakes for Nolan. He also is under the impression that he is blackmailing Nolan over the hidden money. I think there is potential Marco could redeem himself, and he may still care for Nolan. He could also turn out to be the master mind of the Initiative, because Revenge is crazy like that.

Kenny and Nate Thug It Up

This now leaves us with the brothers of terror, Kenny and Nate Ryan. For the first few episodes, the brothers unleashed this elaborate plan to get ownership of the bar, which is designed to exact revenge on Jack for what they assume his father did. They seemed to be criminal master minds in training, but then this episode it looks like they're sampling too many beverages from their bar.

They've stopped being cerebral and now are just being thugs. Why did they spend all this time hatching this plan to then just start intimidating Jack and threatening his life through vandalizing his dad's black book? Couldn't they have saved a lot of time and just did that right from the start?

My big prediction for this storyline is that at least one of the brothers ends up being the floating body we saw at the start of this season.  If I have to choose one, then it'll be Nate because he is the most aggressive.  Now, I have to figure out if it will be a gun-toting Jack that does him in or if Kenny turns on his own brother. The one thing I know about Revenge is the results will be shocking.

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