'Revenge' Recap: Back with a Vengeance
'Revenge' Recap: Back with a Vengeance
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Revenge is back with the season 2 episode "Power," with Daniel looking all CEO-y now that he's in charge of Grayson Global, and one of the members of the Initiative tells him his father has much bigger secrets. And there's Emily and Aidan getting involved in their version of foreplay: fighting/training on the beach before trading kisses. What a great opener to the second half of the season!

An Unlikely Ally

Victoria and Conrad haven't given up trying to get Daniel out of harm's way with the Initiative. So she turns to Emily to feed her with the info that her son's still in love with her. Victoria says Daniel has changed, but that she still has the power to reach him, to remind him of what he wanted when he was with Emily -- that he didn't want to be in charge of the company. She wants Emily to try and use her influence to remind him of all those things.

Well, it's a nice coincidence that Victoria wants Emily to reach out to Daniel because it fits perfectly with the latest person she wants to take down -- the judge who found her father guilty, who will likely head to the Supreme Court.

To get back "in" with Daniel, Emily and Aidan stage what to me looks like a not-too-realistic fight during lunch where Daniel and Conrad just happen to be near. Getting on Daniel's good side means that she's positioned herself to the Graysons' dinner with the judge and his wife. 

Emily does what she does so well -- reveal the information that she knows in bits and pieces while acting so perfectly innocent so that others can reveal what they know. Here, it's the fact that the judge's wife knew the clerk who wrote a letter to her about the trial being unjust.

Emily later uncovers information that the woman may be being abused by her husband.

She uses what she knows to talk to the wife right before she's about to take the stage at the benefit. She asks about the abuse and tells her about the letter that she knew her friend wrote.

On stage, the wife starts talking -- and reveals everything. That her husband knew about the tainted jury during David Clarke's trial, that she wrote the letter saying so and she shows everyone the bruises all over her, completely ruining the judge's career.

Don't Play a Player

At the Stowaway, the Ryan brothers are doing more than trying to ruin Jack and Declan's lives. Declan discovers drugs hidden inside coffee beans -- the Ryans have a side coffee business where they're smuggling drugs. Declan almost gets away clean from rummaging through the back room -- but Nate catches the stray coffee bean Declan missed scooping up. 

Is He Busted?

After Declan tells Jack what he found, Jack calls up someone he knows from his childhood who's now a cop to bring the dogs and conduct a search as a way to get the Ryan brothers out of their lives for good. At least Jack got to enjoy that moment of relief that his life could go back to normal right before it turned upside down.

The police dog sniffs its way to the boat, where Declan and Charlotte are kissing. They find drugs and are just about to take Declan away in handcuffs -- until Jack jumps in to take the fall, saying it's his boat with his name on it. So not only do the Ryans set up Jack and Declan, but they also reveal to the cops that Declan had broken into their home and stolen from them.

So Jack's plan backfires, and now he's in jail. Thankfully, he had sent Amanda and their baby away to Emily's so that they weren't around. But is anyone else ready to see Jack just happy for once and without these slimy brothers around? I'm hoping Amanda tells Emily what's going on so she can properly get rid of the two for good.

A Forbidden Kiss

Meanwhile, Daniel had told Nolan to look into some old files for Grayson Global, which is basically hacking into their system. But Nolan doesn't know that it's so the Initiative can keep tabs on him. Uh oh.

Speaking of the Initiative, it turns out Aidan's sister is still alive, which isn't all too shocking to find out.

In the end, Daniel visits Emily to ask for her help in some philanthropy work. He tells her to think about it, but she responds with an enthusiastic yes, and that answer is made official with a kiss ... with Aidan watching around the corner.

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