'Revenge' Recap: A United Family Front
'Revenge' Recap: A United Family Front
I enjoyed tonight's Revenge, except I was tired of seeing the shooting rehashed so much. My favorite part of this episode was the opposite workings of Emily and Victoria. Emily worked to get more things in the open, while Victoria tried to keep things - and people - shut up.

Paging Dark Shadows

Near the beginning of the show, at the police station where the Grayson's are meeting in one of the rooms and the background is all dark and shadowy, I felt like I was going back in TV time. The setting reminded me of that old vampire soap classic, Dark Shadows, and the mood was perfect! It was even great that the Grayson's were still all dressed in their red and white elegant evening wear. Mr. Brooks, the investigator, is trying to find out who's responsible for Tyler's death. When asked if Daniel killed Tyler, Victoria says "of course not." Well, she's not exactly a beacon of the truth.

United We Stand

Conrad makes it clear to the Grayson family that they must form a "united front" in the murder investigation. Well, it looks like they have a little time anyway as Mr. Brooks says that the bullet reports aren't back yet. Later, Victoria tells Conrad he's lucky that Brooks didn't ask about his disappearance. Conrad then confesses to Victoria that he was laundering the money and nothing will ever be the same again. Is it my imagination or does pale Victoria get even paler?

Jack's Back

Nolan wishes Jack would back off and go away already, but no such luck. When Jack tells Nolan about the bank wire receipt in Amanda's jacket pocket, and how he thinks it's evidence in the murder, Nolan tells him to throw it away. I laugh when Nolan also suggests that it's time for Jack to get into his boat and sail off. Why doesn't Jack realize by now that Nolan never cares about having the evidence like Jack does?

What were your favorite and least favorite scenes in tonight's Revenge?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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