'Revenge' Recap: A Night at the Opera
'Revenge' Recap: A Night at the Opera
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It seems that Emily has completely regained brain function, which is a good thing, considering she's three-plus years deep into her plot for revenge. And during last week's episode of Revenge, she even got a new Infinity Box!

And now she's fleeing down the stairs at the opera, dressed in an extravagant ball gown, only to be met in the lobby by a great white light. But first...

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36 Hours Earlier...

Daniel and Victoria are scheming together over coffee. Daniel shows her the picture he has of Emily and Aiden sucking face (we knew their public make-out sessions would catch up with them eventually) and he thinks it's his ticket out of his awful marriage. Victoria grins like an evil jack-o-lantern and insists on a front row seat to whatever Daniel's planning.

Emily and Nolan are doing some scheming of their own. Nolan finds out that Stevie Grayson checked into the prison to see David Clarke using her maiden name either so David wouldn't know she was a Grayson or so that Conrad wouldn't know she was visiting him. Although, you'd think Conrad would know his ex-wife's maiden name, but I digress. Emily wants to find out as much as she can about Stevie, but Nolan warns her not to drag Jack into this any more than she must.

At the magazine, we meet Margaux No Bra's dad, Pascal, and the actor doesn't even look like he's 10 years older than her, let alone her father. Not really great casting, guys.

Anyway, Margaux's mad because her pops won't just fire Conrad, which is why she went to France to talk to him in the first place. And Conrad is definitely up to something, but Pascal won't let Margaux tell him how to run his business. When Conrad and Pascal play tennis, Conrad tries to pitch him some business endeavors where he would be his North American partner, but Pascal shuts that down immediately. But something tells me that Conrad isn't going to give up that easy.

Victoria shows up at the tennis court in a cocktail dress for some random reason. Well, the reason is probably so she and Pascal could have a chemistry-laden exchange. These two have definitely banged. And they probably will again some time in the near future.

Jack shuts Emily down too when she tries to approach Stevie. He tells her he's just getting to know his mom so to please back off. Back at his apartment, she looks through Jack's wedding photos. She expresses sorrow that she never got to know Amanda, and that she had such a sad life. She tells Jack she always thought David Clark was innocent, but as soon as she tried to help him, Conrad set her up to get a DUI which led to her being disbarred.

He Wants a Divorce, Of Course

Emily is summoned to the study at Grayson Manor where Victoria and Daniel are sitting smugly awaiting her entrance. He shows her the pictures he has of her, and offers her a large divorce settlement to go away before he has to release the pictures. She puts on an act of being a poor victim, after Daniel shot her, and of course needing to find comfort in the arms of someone else. Daniel nearly goes primal on Emily and tries to leap across the desk like a gorilla, but Victoria holds her back.

Victoria meets with Daniel's P.I., though we don't know what about. He tells Daniel that it's clear that Emily is not after their fortune or she would have taken their settlement offer, but she's out to ruin their family. She tells him to hold on just a while longer until she can work something out. But she's getting closer to suspecting the real reason as to why Emily's there.

Nolan comes home to find a stranger rummaging around in his kitchen. Turns out it's no stranger, but Javier, his old hacker prison buddy. He needs a place to stay for a while, so Nolan reluctantly agrees to let him stay but just for one night.

After seeing that Emily was Amanda's maid of honor in the wedding photos, Stevie goes to Emily's to find out who she really is. She tells her she was fighting for her father's innocence before she was disbarred. Stevie tells Jack later that she received some evidence from an anonymous source but it was confiscated by her law firm after she left.

This prompts Jack and Nolan to hack into the law office to steal the file. They have to go there under the guise that Nolan is looking for patent lawyers so Jack can sneak in and grab the physical file. Jack is almost tripped up when he sees the files are coded, but Nolan patches him through to Javier while he's meeting with the lawyers so Javier can help Jack decode the files.

Emily is not happy that Jack broke the law to get her the files. She wants to keep him safe and out of any danger. 

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Daddy Dearest

At the magazine, Conrad tries to get Pascal to cooperate with him the good old-fashioned way: blackmail. He says he had an accountant go over Voulez's books and noticed that Pascal had been illegally skimming the profits from his daughter's magazine. Margaux tells him he's evil and to leave, and he complains about "having children too young" and "not being able to raise them right." Nice try with the throwaway line to try and explain horrible casting. But he still doesn't look any older.

Conrad tries to use what he's learned to get himself a position at a New York office of Pascal's magazine, but Pascal warns him that he doesn't want to go there.

Pascal delivers a Dolce and Gabbana dress for Victoria to wear to the opera. At first, she plays hard to get, but when he tries to leave, she can't turn down the chance to at least try on the stunning black number.

At the opera, Daniel and Emily get their pictures taken by paparazzi. He tells her to get used to the bright lights because they'll only get hotter.

Charlotte and her intense bangs introduce Emily to Pascal. Then Pascal, Margaux, Stevie and Jack all have an awkward meeting. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at their next Thanksgiving.

During the show, Charlotte gets a notice from the Voulez tip line. Apparently, Emily's medical records have been made public. Victoria jumps on the chance to accuse Emily publicly, chasing her out of the theater and yelling that she "deceived her son into marriage" by faking a pregnancy. Emily is forced out into the lobby where she's met by flashing lights everywhere.

The next day when she's moving out of Grayson Manor, Daniel gives her divorce papers that no longer include the big settlement. She tells them that she'll tell the world that Daniel shot her, but Victoria says that since she called a press conference telling the world that Lydia shot her, no one would believe her if she changed her story.

Daniel and Victoria think they've won after she leaves. But Victoria is determined to find out why Emily was so intent on destroying their family.

Jack comes to check on Emily back at her beach house. He tells her that he's going to help her get justice for her father, Declan and Amanda, whether she likes it or not. She shows him the information she found from the files he stole: a handwritten note from an anonymous source. But Emily has matched that handwriting on the note to a note she received from Pascal after Voulez covered her wedding. So now they know he's involved somehow in the Clark scandal, although they don't know to what extent. And Jack assures Emily that he's even willing to risk what he has with Pascal's daughter now to get their revenge. 

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