'Revenge' Recap: An Unexpected Return Could Change Everything
'Revenge' Recap: An Unexpected Return Could Change Everything
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In this week's episode of Revenge,  titled "Secrecy," everyone has a secret that gets exposed. But it isn't until the final minute that two bombshells are dropped, and they'll turn the Revenge-y world upside down as we get one step closer to Emily's end game, aka her wedding. So let's expose all of these secrets.

Sneaking Up

During his morning shower, Daniel has a flashback to a time when he was happy with Sarah as they rolled around in the sand being all couple-y. He lies to Emily saying he has to go into work early, but he really goes to the farmer's market to meet up with Sarah.

Little do each of them know that Emily has followed Daniel and only shows herself to Sarah after he drives away. She has a complete breakdown, laying down the guilt trip about how she loves Daniel, how she feels threatened by Victoria -- just pouring it on and saying all the right things. I love it. Of course, Sarah falls for it saying she's not a homewrecker. Yeah, we'll see about that.

Getting Blackmailed

Charlotte's secret is that when she was in France, there were some "artistic" photos taken of her. Her phone was stolen and now the guy is blackmailing her for $40,000. She turns to Aiden, who she knows as someone who takes care of things for her parents. He meets with the old, need-a-shower guy outside the Stowaway who says he could turn it over to TMZ.

Aiden tries to be calm, but when the blackmailer isn't budging, Aiden beats him up. Pretty brutally. Is that final kick really necessary? But he retrieves the phone and gives it back to Charlotte.

The look he throws to Jack is pretty great or infuriating, depending on whether you're on Team Jack or Team Aiden. Earlier, those two went toe-to-toe about Emily, with Aiden saying that Jack's her past and he's her future.

Later, relaxing by the pool with his new roommate Nolan (kind of digging this bromance), Aiden lets Nolan in on something that can only be between them: he's buying a gun for the end game. Also, he tells Nolan about beating someone up for Charlotte but won't tell Emily. Aiden apparently doesn't know his girl all that well because Emily knows everything courtesy of Jack.

Surprise Guest

At Emily's bridal shower, Victoria pulls out two things that were up her sleeve. After Emily's tearful confession, Sarah had told Victoria that she could no longer help break the engagement apart. But because she's Victoria and gets what she wants, not only does Sarah listen to her -- she works the engagement party.

The surprise guest that Victoria has brought for Emily is Rowan, the ex-husband Emily admitted to Bizzy about having! So he does exist, and the secret that Emily was previously married comes out. But, it's not like it's a manipulative secret: Emily married Rohan because they were good friends and also so he could receive his green card and marry another man.

Emily succeeds in making Victoria seem like a petty, desperate mother. The evidence that her future-mother-in-law hates her is piling up. And Rohan turns out to have attended Takeda's School of Revenge -- and they really were married. 

Grayson Bachelor Pad

Conrad has introduced Daniel to the Grayson men's bachelor pad (puke), where generations of Grayson men had brought their mistresses there (double puke). None of the women have known because, according to Conrad, the key to a successful marriage is ... secrets!

At first, Daniel is all resistant but then has Sarah meet him there. It seems Daniel did not take likely to the secret that Emily had been married and says Emily and Victoria are the same woman! So what, I guess he takes his dear father's advice and they spend the night together?

Meanwhile, Victoria lets in on a Grayson women family secret since Emily will soon be a Grayson -- she exposes the truth about the house. Of course Victoria knows about the house. It's rather cute that Conrad actually believes the house is a secret. What is with the men on this show who think they can hide things from their partners? Nice try, guys.

Emily is all, Daniel wouldn't do that. But when she calls the house, the butler answers, believing that it's Victoria, saying her son and the woman are turning in for the night, and we hear Daniel asking for more ice. Her expression says it all. Scandalous!

Emily's Confessions

What does Emily do with that secret? Well, she certainly springs into action -- and quick. Because after Daniel returns from his -- whatever it is we still don't know because Emily won't let him speak because she has a confession. First, she admits that she followed Daniel to the farmer's market and then had broken down in front of Sarah. And then...

Oh my gosh, she's pregnant! Here, look at the ultrasound! The pregnancy card has been played in many other shows, but I really did not expect Emily to use it on Daniel. So let's get this straight. When Victoria "kills" Emily on her wedding day, it's her and her unborn child? But of course.

Look Who's Back?

As if that's not enough, we have Margaux meeting someone in a dark parking garage, and I swear I thought the person coming to meet her was going to kill her. Guess I've seen too many of those Law & Order's or something.

She had initially gotten Conrad to agree to use her publishing division for his memoir, but it turns out he was only using her to get a bidding war started. So that only motivates her even more to track down past Grayson employees to spill the beans about the Graysons -- anything she can use for an expose.

The person she's able to track down and meet for a secret meeting is ... LYDIA. Lydia is alive. What? Why? How? How did Margaux track her down so easily? Why hadn't anyone else? What does Lydia's return mean?!

Well, we won't get any answers for another three weeks, when Revenge returns on December 8 at 9pm on ABC.

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