'Revenge' Recap: Charlotte Gets Some Harsh 'Perception'
'Revenge' Recap: Charlotte Gets Some Harsh 'Perception'
I enjoyed seeing the elegant Graysons all dressed up and having a big old blow-up at the fancy dinner for Daniel's engagement party.

A very pissed-off Jack crashes the party, hurling accusations about David Clarke at a taken-aback Victoria, who does everything possible to stay poised even when Conrad tells everyone that Victoria "invited" David into their bed.

When Victoria doesn't deny the news from Jack that David Clarke is not only Amanda's father, but also Charlotte's, Charlotte wants away from the table, with Declan soon catching up to her trying to stop her from drinking.

I Didn't Do It My Way

Nolan seems to be at least a bit of a thorn in Emily Thorne's side, and I love what this does to create an interesting plot complication for Revenge. After all, Emily keeps telling Nolan how much she wants to reveal Charlotte's real paternity her way. But, Nolan just goes ahead and does what he wants with Jack anyway -- much to my delight!

Things get deliciously muddled when Nolan meddles with Emily's plans and heads on over to Jack's place. He's there when a giant TV is delivered and Jack isn't impressed. All Jack has on his mind is Amanda, or the young woman poser he mistakenly thinks is the Amanda he knew as a child. I gotta love it when Nolan replies to Jack that he could always watch lifesized porn or "jumbo Judge Judy" on the new, huge TV.

Well, Actually, Let's Watch this Tape

Then Nolan watches the "Interview 14, Amanda Clarke" tape with Jack that features a 10-year-old Amanda mentioning that Victoria knows what happened to David Clarke because Victoria was kissing him. This is what sets Jack off into crashing the Grayson's engagement party for Daniel.

Emily, still dressed in a pretty white dress for the engagement party photos, calls Nolan to voice her annoyance at finding out it was Nolan who showed Jack the tape. It sure seems that Nolan is driving the bus on Emily's plan for revenge against the Graysons! I have to repeat: I love what that does for Revenge's plot!

The Not-So-Secret Secret Hiding Place

Poor Emily. She's just not having a good day. Not only did she not get to reveal Charlotte's paternity her way, but when Emily gets back from the dinner disaster, she finds out that someone broke in and found her hollow hiding space in the floor boards.

Hiding anything in here, including invitations, is pointless now, Emily!

Victoria Charms Conrad's Dad

Conrad's dad, seemingly under Victoria's spell, takes Conrad aside and bawls him out. He tells Conrad he should probably step down as CEO of Grayson Global and let Daniel step in since he'd make a much better leader than Conrad.

Conrad yells back at his powerful father, but it's not going to help -- or is it?

Did you enjoy this "Perceptions" episode of Revenge? Do you think Charlotte could be heading for a drinking problem after finding out her father isn't who she thought? Do you think Nolan is really driving the bus, or will Emily take control soon?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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