'Revenge' Interview: Henry Czerny on Conrad's Power Trip and Difficult Family Dynamics
'Revenge' Interview: Henry Czerny on Conrad's Power Trip and Difficult Family Dynamics
Carla Day
Carla Day
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When we last saw Conrad, he was involved the the bombing of the Grayson Global headquarters and he won the Gubernatorial election. Going into season 3, Conrad may feel like he's at the top of the world with his new power position, but it's not going to be smooth sailing for him.

I spoke with Henry Czerny this summer at the ABC All-Star Reception where he discussed Conrad's journey as Governor and changing relationship with his family.

Conrad was elected Governor. Is that going to be his storyline going into season 3?

It is. That's where we are going to pick up. He's trying to enjoy the Governorship as much as he possibly can given his checkered past. 

Where will he be living?

Well, we know that he lives in Albany, but he will be visiting the Hamptons. And, how often he gets back to Albany is anyone's guess. Like I said, he has a checked past that's going to catch up to him.

What is the dynamic between Conrad and Victoria?

Pretty much hotter than it has been before because Conrad is now imaging himself as the Governor of New York. Victoria's not very pleased with that. Although pleased that he's gone, so for a while there they will have to deal with each other's egos even more. 

Will there be other women in Conrad's life now that he's Governor`?

I think whether he's Governor or not there's always going to be some sort of dalliance. As each character has as it's soap opera form each character is in bed with someone they're not supposed be in bed with at some point. In hospital beds....

In the finale, Conrad was responsible for the bombing at Grayson Global and a death, will he pay for that?

If you remember, Conrad was responsible for clearing out the building before it got blown up. Whether or not he could stop the blowing up of the building is in question. But, as far as Conrad is concerned he's done a great service by making sure no one was killed. However, as we know, one person was. And, that will come back to haunt him.

What is Conrad's relationship with his children now?

Charlotte has been through a lot when this picks up again. She finds a strength in Conrad as a man who was accomplished something that is truly very difficult. And, that too will play out in very painful ways for both characters. 

Daniel is trying to be his own man still and find a profession for himself that is not under his father's weight or tutelage and that too will prove difficult for him. And, yet, there's a respect, a familial respect, which is odd but at the same time completely understandable for anyone who's in a family that is even marginally dysfunctional.

How does Conrad feel about Victoria's son, Patrick, showing up?

Needless to say, it's not his biological son and it's a son she birthed way before she knew Conrad and given that they are no longer in the private sector and don't have as much money as they used to. So Conrad has a concern that this person has showed up to start gobbling up their funds.

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