'Revenge' Finale Recap: A Death, 2 Arrests and Many Confessions
'Revenge' Finale Recap: A Death, 2 Arrests and Many Confessions
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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A blackout, an explosion, an arrest, another arrest and the truth -- lots of it. And don't forget the death that we're expecting. That's the two-hour season finale of Revenge, aptly titled "Truth, Part 1" and "Truth, Part 2."

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After the Blackout

Last we left the Revenge-world, the power went out in the city. Just as it mysteriously went out, it comes back on about three hours later (that's how long Charlotte said it took her and Daniel to talk to Grayson headquarters.) It's not the mass chaos I'd been hoping for, but important things do happen to the characters.

Declan figures out Charlotte's newest gal pal is obsessed/in love with her, which is why she's been wanting him out of the picture so badly. Jack and Victoria have moved from the bar to Victoria's home, where they look for the laptop Jack told her about in Conrad's safe. It's not there, but it does have folders labeled Jack Porter (Victoria's) and Amanda Clarke (Conrad's). I'm enjoying the increased Jack-Victoria quality time because it's not a regular thing we've seen before.

Victoria later takes the folder out to the trash bin to throw it away -- Jack's in possession of Amanda's -- when she spots the positive pregnancy test and confronts Daniel about it. Oh, Victoria, you think you had it all figured out, didn't you! I'm surprised she doesn't faint when she realizes it's not Emily who's pregnant but Charlotte.

There's this odd moment when Declan tries to find Charlotte at Grayson HQ, and Victoria asks Declan for a moment, where we clearly know it's going to be about the pregnancy. Victoria leads him away, and the camera clearly is on her gloved hand on his shoulder. Am I the only one who thought for a brief moment she was going to take him away to kill him? But she just confronts him about it -- he doesn't know, of course -- and sends him away looking like a sad puppy after she dishes some verbal abuse the only way Victoria knows how.

Takeda's Truth

During the blackout, Emily and Nolan had gone to Takeda's for help, only to find his dead body -- another emotional, lean-on-Nolan-while-crying moment, which I kind of like just to see this other side of her. They also find Takeda's own infinity box with a photo of a woman and a surveillance image of a man. Emily wonders, could he be the killer? This means that Aiden could be next! Oh, Ems.

Her first clue that all's not right with loverboy when she tells him about Takeda's death is that he doesn't flinch one bit. But then she sees the blood and the cuts on his arms, and she knows what he did. He confesses -- that Takeda was basically using Emily for his own revenge war on the Graysons because his fiance was on Flight 197 as an unlisted person on the manifest. Emily doesn't believe him; how could she ever trust him?

I'm so over Aiden. There's Aiden being a jealous boyfriend, there's Aidan wiping out the Amanda Clarke Foundation while Emily tells him not to and he kills Takeda. But he's about to disappear anyway, since the blackout will be pinned on him. Bye, don't come back!

Setting the Trap

As much as Victoria and Conrad have a broken marriage, she does the dutiful wife thing and tells Conrad everything about Jack's search for the laptop, how he plans on ruining his speech and Ashley's involvement. (Victoria sets that up beautifully for Jack to walk right into, to implicate Ashley) That sets Conrad's plan in motion. How he comes up with these things so quickly is beyond me. I'll chalk it up to years of experience.

Anyway, he gets Ashley's cell phone and texts Jack that she should meet him at Grayson Global because she has his laptop. 

Emily, meanwhile, visits Daniel at his office and realizes the guy who said he's the IT guy is the one from Takeda's picture, but he escapes. Nolan's facial recognition software reveals the IT guy's true identity -- an assassin. And they realize he was there to gain access because Conrad hired him.

Long Live David Clarke

As Emily and Nolan try to catch up with Jack, Conrad's delivering his speech, where the assassin is as well, getting the okay from his boss to go after his target. Is Jack going to die?! I certainly think so, especially since he's actually in the office. At the same time, Nolan's left to just leave a voicemail warning him to get out.

Back at Conrad's event, everyone get a simultaneous text that reads, "Love live David Clarke," before there's a huge crash! Emily's outside Grayson Global and can only watch in horror as the blasts come from there and mass debris is falling everywhere. That doesn't stop her from running up to the building, where she discovers someone who surely must be Jack. But before she can go to him and save him, the firefighters take her back out.

The Death

Jack's alive? Jack's alive! So it must be the assassin who's inside the building. Right? Nope -- and this cat-and-mouse game is so annoying! It's Declan -- he's inside the building. Why on Earth is he there? From the look that Victoria and Conrad shoot each other when they find out the news, it was definitely Jack who was supposed to die.

We all know someone's dying in this episode, and the overwhelming consensus is that it's Declan. So when he's in the hospital, talking, even cracking to Jack, "Why are you a nurse?" I'm so very confused at first and then see why. I mean, if you're going to kill off a character, just kill him off! He's alive for like half a day just so he can talk to Jack and then tell Charlotte that he definitely wants to raise the baby with her before he dies in surgery due to a ruptured artery.

I guess it is nice, though, that he got to see Charlotte to clear up his name and to reassure her that he wants to raise the baby with her. That moment they have together will go a long way for Charlotte, who will no doubt be broken after this. I mean, I feel bad for Jack since he just lost his wife, but Charlotte is walking a very fine line, and I'm scared to think how she'll handle the news.

Two Arrests and Another Truth

It's a bit odd that Conrad doesn't seem too concerned when Daniel informs him all their money is gone. On one hand, how admirable in a sleazy way. But he seems almost invigorated at the challenge of rebuilding with Daniel, although Daniel wants nothing to do with his company anymore.

On the other hand, it's Conrad, and with him things are not as they appear to be. He admits to Victoria that he knew about the explosion and that there is no Initiative, but a group of super wealthy business people who cash in on people's fears and now he's in the inner circle.

Meanwhile, Aiden was supposed to disappear, but instead gets arrested at the Canadian border. Except he's told the investigation has shifted to ... Nolan, who gets surprised by a barrage of FBI people and gets arrested for acts of terror!

Well, that isn't terribly surprising since I'm sure that's been part of the master plan all along. While being questioned, they play a tape from Padma. How they got access to that, when she made it and whether it was under duress is all under question. But she basically implicates Nolan. 

While these developments with Nolan do not surprise me, how is he going to get out of this?

"I'm Amanda Clarke"

At Emily's house, Aiden confronts Daniel. There's a fight, we're shown Daniel eyeing a gun and then he later appears with fresh blood on his sleeve. What happened? Did Daniel actually pull the trigger? If he's still alive, where did Aidan go after Emily's house?

Conrad has been voted governor, and Emily's now at his party to stop Jack from killing Conrad, his hatred stronger than ever due to Declan's death. As Conrad is delivering his speech, she finally spots him up high, hiding behind a curtain and in disguise. As Jack has his gun aimed at Conrad, Emily stops him. The only way to convince him not to shoot is the truth. "I'm Amanda Clarke."

Now that Jack knows, I can only hope that for season 3, he and Emily will form a partnership and unleash extra revenge on the Graysons.

That's not the only big moment that happens at that time because back home, Victoria's downing her drink while watching Conrad's speech, knowing what's to come, when she gets a knock on the door. Her expression shifts, she drops her glass and all she says is, "Patrick?"

It's her long-lost son (finally!), but we don't see his face. Who is it? And what does he want?

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