'Revenge' Casting News: Margaux's Father to Visit the Hamptons
'Revenge' Casting News: Margaux's Father to Visit the Hamptons
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Going through Revenge withdrawals yet? We're still more than a month away from the next all-new episode, but we've got some casting news to hold you over until then.

A familiar face is sticking around on Revenge with the character's storyline continuing to expand with the news of a family member. 

Karine Vanasse Promoted to Series Regular

Margaux is living the good life on Revenge. She did not hesitate to fire Daniel from her magazine, not wanting to get in the middle of the never ending Grayson family drama. And her relationship with Jack has taken the next step as they agree to find a place to live together. Guess her moving in at the bar isn't an option.

With all that in mind, it only makes sense to have her around permanently. The show announced that the actress who plays Margaux, Karine Vanasse, will now be a series regular. She joined Revenge in the fall, introducing a new magazine with Daniel. The French heiress also has connections with the Grayson family after growing up around them. 

The character of Margaux has appeared in pretty much every episode, so it's really no surprise that she will be staying on the show, meaning that Jack won't -- and shouldn't -- be getting his heart broken any time soon.

Olivier Martinez to Play Margaux's Dad

With the news that Margaux will be sticking around, it only makes sense to delve into her character and history even more. It's time to meet her dad.

Olivier Martinez (aka Halle Berry's husband) will play the French businessman, according to Deadline. He is described as a "cutthroat businessman [who] has a competitive history with Conrad and an even more complicated one with Victoria. Sounds juicy!

Not only will it be interesting to see his interactions with the Graysons' but also his daughter, as well, since the impression Margaux gives is that they don't have the healthiest of relationships. What will he think of his daughter's new man and will he have any affect on the magazine?

Revenge returns Sunday, March 9 at 10pm on ABC. 

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