'Revenge' Casting News: A Lawyer and a Lover
'Revenge' Casting News: A Lawyer and a Lover
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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As the body count rises on Revenge -- thanks to both deaths and destructions-by-Emily -- the show has an obvious need for new characters. Which unfortunate persons will make the mistake of visiting the Hamptons in the near future? Recent casting news indicates that both a lawyer and a lover will be coming soon to Revenge.

They Definitely Need Lawyers
Between the Grayson divorce, the continued catastrophes brought about by Emily's vengeance, and that little beach murder coming up, you can bet that Revenge will spark a booming market in the lawyer business. Ryan Huntley has bowed out of his job as Victoria's divorce attorney and Emily's inside man, so there are openings.

wenn3676328.jpgOne of those openings will be filled by Courtney B. Vance. The actor, best known for playing a lawyer on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, will return to the legal profession for Revenge. Vance's guest-starring part will begin in episode 16 -- the first episode following the beach-party-murder reveal. The episode will most likely air in March.

Who will need a lawyer? And why? The answer isn't as simple as you would think.

The first casting report, from TVLine, gave the character's name, Ben Barnett, and claimed he was a defense attorney brought in to defend whoever gets accused of the beach murder.

In a twist, The Hollywood Reporter added the critical bit of information that Ben Barnett would be Victoria's lawyer! Considering that Victoria is an incredibly unlikely suspect in the murder, this indicates that Barnett's legal services could have another direction.

The character of Ben Barnett is further complicated by a report from EW.com, which claims Barnett to be a "loyal employee" of the Grayson family who somehow gets caught up in the continuing scandals surrounding Victoria and Conrad Grayson.

Which will it be? We may have to wait until episode 16 in March to find out.

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Everyone Needs Love -- Even Victoria
With her marriage in shambles and her beloved son possibly gone (assuming Daniel is indeed the victim of the beach murderer), Victoria will definitely be needing some comfort later this season on Revenge. Reports now indicate that she will find that comfort in the arms of a new lover.

wenn3553861.jpgTheInsider.com reports that James Purefoy (who played Marc Antony on Rome) will first appear in episode 17 of Revenge season 1 as Victoria's new lover.

The two will apparently have quite a torrid romance and it will be a romance that reveals a whole lot more about Victoria's mysterious past. "She's going to have a big, passionate love affair," Madeleine Stowe told TheInsider.com. "The next number of episodes, you'll see some of [Victoria's] origins. You'll see why she connects so peculiarly in such a strange way to people."

Could Victoria's origins explain why Conrad Grayson has been so pointed in reminding his wife of where she came from? What could be in that past?

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