'Revenge' Recap: Pre-Wedding Woes
'Revenge' Recap: Pre-Wedding Woes
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Last week on Revenge, Conrad unfortunately survived a car accident, and apparent homicide attempt, only to be manipulated by Aiden into thinking that Jack Porter was responsible for trying to kill him. Honestly I have no idea why Conrad listens to anyone. No matter what, whoever he's in cahoots with at any given time is always lying to him and using him for their own gain. A Grayson never learns, apparently.

Private Eyes

Emily sneaks into the Grayson's insane garage filled with cars worth more money than I would probably make in eight lifetimes. I wonder why Victoria was forced to sell her art when Conrad's packing millions worth of vintage auto.

Anyway, Victoria runs into Aiden who is there too to do some investigating. He already told Conrad that he'd help him put Jack away behind bars. But Aiden tells Emily that Conrad doesn't even know that someone tried to kill him, and that he'd keep it a secret from him for as long as he can.

Nolan is not very pleased when he hears that Aiden is back working for Team Emily. He points out that the last time he tried to help, things went south, like Arctic South. He warns Emily that the more strings she tries to pull, the more things get tangled. But she assures him that she'll handle everything.

But what she doesn't know is that Aiden is busy trying to get Jack out of town. He breaks into the Stowaway to tell Jack that Conrad wants him dead. But since he's such a nice guy and everything, he's going to give Jack some time to get out of town before he whacks him.

Blushing Bride to Be

Emily goes dress shopping with Victoria and Charlotte. Victoria absolutely loves pouring salt into Emily's open wound about the status of her rocky relationship with Daniel. Even Charlotte is in on it, telling Victoria that she saw Emily and Jack at the Stowaway together and it seemed suspicious.

Margaux (that's actually how she spells it, I apologizing for getting her stupid name wrong in the last few recaps) No Bra is throwing a party for her dumb magazine and her oft-referred to father is going to be there. This is apparently going to be a big night for Daniel, who is involved in a successful business that doesn't have anything to do with Grayson Global.

Margaux points out to Daniel that they have all of the biographical information they need on the Graysons but they have very little on Emily. It makes Daniel realize that he's never even seen a picture of Emily as a child though he's still obviously sensitive to her hard past.

Everyone knows that you need a sexy date for any magazine launch party. So Margaux No Bra goes to the Stowaway where she asks Jack No Shirt to go with her to the party. He reluctantly puts a shirt on and then reluctantly agrees to go to the party.

Somehow Patrick found out that Nolan paid his ex-wife 20 grand to find out dirt about him, and he's thoroughly but rightfully steamed at Nolan. He tells him that if he wants to know anything about him, just to ask and not play games with him anymore.

But don't worry, Rossbourne shippers! Nolan gives Patrick an adorable speech about how sorry he is and that he's better at gadgets than people. And Patrick takes him back when he goes to Nolan's at the end of the episode to affirm his mutual feelings. And to make out. And to do it.

Fashionably Late

It's the eve of Daniel's party and Emily is on her way out the door when Victoria stops her with some sabotage-heavy information. She tells her that Conrad knows that his brakes were cut and he thinks Jack was the one to do it. Victoria is hoping that Emily will take the bait and run to Jack's aid instead of attending Daniel's party. But Emily is WAY too smart for that.

OH WAIT. No she's not. She plays right into Victoria's plan and flees to Jack's side. And everything works out just as Victoria planned, Daniel is so mad at Emily for arriving late to his big night, that he calls off the wedding then and there.

Meanwhile, Aiden finds out from the security system at the Grayson garage that there was no forced entry. Which means that it was one of the Grayson kids (or Patrick) who tried to kill Conrad. But Victoria plays this information to her advantage as well, having Charlotte admit to Conrad that it was her, even though it wasn't. Conrad is willing to admit Charlotte so they can be a family again. Victoria is an evil genius.

But it wasn't Charlotte who cut the brakes because Aiden found a knife (I guess it was used to cut the brakes, I don't even know) in Patrick's room. Emily knows that Victoria will cover it up  for Patrick.

Aiden and Emily manage to get back on good terms. Emily's sorry for using him and Aiden is sorry for lying to her. They share a steamy kiss out on the pier. In public. For someone working so hard to maintain a secret identity, Emily can be pretty careless.

Speaking of secret identities, she goes to Nolan for advice on how to save her fake relationship. Nolan advises that she share something honest and personal with Daniel.

Emily decides to heed his advice and sneaks into Jack's house to snag some personal photos that belonged to Amanda. While she's there she sees Margaux No Bra and Jack (wearing a shirt this time, sadly) make out. Gross.

Daniel is all set to leave when Emily sits him down and tells him the sad story of her past. She says that because she lost her family young, people think that she doesn't know love. But she not only knows love, she knows what it's like to have it torn away. And her painful past is why she's been pushing him away. Of course Daniel eats it up out of the palm of her hand and agrees that the wedding is back on. Poor Victoria is going to freak out when she hears.

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