'Revenge' Recap: Pulling Out All the Stops to Save Daniel
'Revenge' Recap: Pulling Out All the Stops to Save Daniel
This week on Revenge, our favorite primetime guilty pleasure makes its long-awaited return! And how we've missed the scheming, the plotting and the deceiving. With Daniel's trial date set for December for Tyler's murder, he's in jail in the mean time. Emily and Victoria scramble in their own ways to help with the situation.

Their Own Motives

With Daniel's defense, everyone is thinking for themselves. There's Charlotte, who's trying to describe to the sketch artist the hooded man she saw on the beach, but is vague about it, since she didn't get a good look. But really, she was on her pills that night, so she's covering her own butt.

There's Victoria, who's thinking about Daniel, of course, and wonders if the hooded person Charlotte saw was even a man at all -- could it have been Amanda?

Then there's Emily, who sees the sketch of a new suspect -- and it's Jack! To protect Jack, she throws Mason Treadwell's name at the Graysons, saying that they need someone to plant it to the media, who will run with the story so the doubt is cast on that person.

Welcome Home?

Victoria's love knows no boundaries, and this week she even one ups herself. Because she doesn't want Daniel spending another night in jail, she hires a man to "send a message" -- and he gets beaten up pretty badly. To Victoria's credit (whatever that means) she wasn't expecting the attack to be so bad. Well THAT makes everything better! She's not so bad! Not.

With Daniel home on house arrest because his safety was at risk -- and after being bailed out with $10 million(!) -- he's got a tether to track him.

Victoria plants the thought that Emily had something to do with Tyler's death, since the other bullets came from Emily's gun. Judging by the previews for next week, Daniel might believe that theory!

'Vicky Harper'

An ex-love from Victoria's past, Dominik, pops up out of nowhere -- why, I'm still not sure. Is he up to no good? Victoria's got her suspicions, as she Googles him, which I found amusing.

We don't know what he's up to, but we do know he's an artist. Without knowing much, I found this story line particularly bland. With so much going on with everyone else, this was a distraction I could do without. I can only hope the writers have something good cooking up for him!

Spilling the Beans

To protect his brother or to help Charlotte -- I'm not sure which, maybe both? -- Declan spills the beans to Mason that Charlotte's whole sketch was a complete fabrication because she's addicted to pills and had been high and drinking that night! Of course, that's the end of Declan and Charlotte, who admits to Declan out of anger that he flunked his entrance exam to go to her school, and that her grandfather had to bribe the school to let him in.

So Mason writes a huge story about the truth, which in turn, completely discredits the entire Grayson family -- and leaves Daniel's defense really, really thin.

'This One's For Jack'

When Emily found out Daniel had been beaten up, you could tell just by her face she had suspected Victoria. So she followed her to the bar where Victoria had met with the guy she hired, who's also the guy that beat up Jack.

With her brunette wig, she befriends him at the end of the episode, getting him drunk and having him reveal what he does for the Graysons. The two leave the bar to head to his place. But not so fast! Before getting in the car, they look like they're about to kiss, but Emily actually delivers a kick and kicks some serious ass. I should know by now not to underestimate her, but I was impressed with that. As she's repeatedly kicking him, she says "This one's for Jack ... and this one's for Daniel."

Esther Gim
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