Calculating 'Revenge': Burning Questions After 'Infamy'
Calculating 'Revenge': Burning Questions After 'Infamy'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Well, "Infamy" answered at least one question, didn't it?

Of course, that answer only brought up more questions, as did the episode as a whole. Where could Revenge possibly go from here? It's time to theorize, now that we have been educated by "Infamy."

What's Next with the Charlotte Story?
As expected, Charlotte Grayson has been outed as the secret daughter of David Clarke. But what exactly will that mean for Revenge?

There are three areas in which Charlotte's paternity could be a big issue: the Grayson divorce, Emily's schemes and Charlotte's personal life.

Divorce Issues
Victoria could use Charlotte's paternity as a way to steal the girl away from Conrad, but that might be a bad idea. Remember, Victoria's entire divorce strategy rests on proving that Conrad is a philandering jerk. If it comes out that Victoria herself engaged in a little extramarital activity -- with a convicted terrorist, no less -- things might go badly for her in court.

Does Conrad know or even suspect that Charlotte isn't his? Probably not. Based on what we have seen in flashbacks and in private moments, Conrad has shown little to no knowledge of the Victoria-David affair. And Conrad's constant devotion to Charlotte indicates that he sees her as daddy's little girl.

This will all come out eventually. But when? And how?

Emily's Schemes
Will Emily be derailed in her ongoing quest to destroy the Graysons, now that she knows that one of them is family? It's a tough call.

On the one hand, Emily's motivations come from her passionate devotion to her father, and she wouldn't want to hurt that man's offspring. On the other hand, Emily has spent significant time roping in Daniel, an acknowledged innocent in this whole mess. Emily Thorne seems to think she can destroy Conrad and Victoria without significantly hurting their children. Thus, Emily might push ahead with her plans, ignoring their potential effect on a half-sister.

Personal Issues
This is seriously going to mess up Charlotte. Declan, however, might reap some love out of the situation.

How Did Amanda Clarke End up in Prison?
Despite ample evidence of Amanda's troubled youth, we don't actually know what she did to end up in a maximum-security juvenile detention facility. It had to have been something serious, but what?

"Infamy" may have pointed to an interesting answer -- arson.

Emily's ease at all things deadly keeps this unclear, but she seemed awfully familiar with fire in "Infamy." The three biggest indicators of past arson:

1) When talking to a young Amanda, Mason Treadwell mentioned that her foster home had burned in a fire. Amanda's "bad things happen to good people" response was more than slightly chilling.
2) Amanda knew exactly what to do when she decided to burn her father's photo. Why did she even have matches handy?
3) Emily knew how to burn Mason's cottage to the ground. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't be able to create towering flames out of a lit cigarette and some typing paper.

Amanda's teenage crime could, of course, be something else. But arson is a definite possibility.

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What will happen next with Charlotte? What was Amanda Clarke's crime? What are your burning questions? Let us know in the comments section!

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