Calculating 'Revenge': Burning Questions After 'Duress'
Calculating 'Revenge': Burning Questions After 'Duress'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Another week, another thrill ride on Revenge.

With Emily's takedown of Tyler complete, where is Revenge going next on its deliciously twisted path? We don't know for sure, but it's fun to theorize! Keep reading for a discussion of the many questions raised by the Revenge episode, "Duress."

When Will Tyler Be Back?
Seriously. We need Tyler back ASAP.

Sure, it was fun to watch Emily take down the most overtly villainous Hamptonite. But the payment for that victory looks to be Tyler's absence from Revenge.

That's not OK. Tyler is too fun to disappear.

Fortunately, "Duress" gave us actual back-story for Tyler. He has a bizarre and violent psychological condition. He has an affluent and concerned family. He has successfully been framed for the murder of Frank.

He'll be back. Hopefully soon. The Hamptons needs its emotionally unhinged con man.

The Emily-Nolan Relationship
Ah, speculation! It leads us to so many strange places...

In this case, I'm talking about the speculation over Nolan and Emily's relationship. Many people have theorized that the pair are long-lost siblings -- the familiarity, Nolan's murky connection to David Clarke and all that blond hair point in that direction.

As a gift to the brother-sister theorists out there, we have Emily's invitation to the clambake. Only "friends and family" were invited. Emily indicated that such a designation included Nolan. So which is he, friend or family?

What's Next for Amanda?
Conrad and Victoria Grayson have both met "Amanda Clarke" now. Thus far, however, their reactions have consisted mainly of "This is awkward..." expressions. What will happen next?

Probably, the Graysons will let the situation simmer for awhile. After all, little Amanda couldn't possibly still carry a grudge against her father's former employers, could she?

But the calm won't last. Will it be one of the Graysons who actually gets Amanda out of the Revenge picture?

What's Going on with the Lawyer?
Victoria's lawyer, Ryan Huntley, was working overtime in "Duress." As well he should, considering that he's involved in a divorce with criminal, scheming billionaires. But is the lawyer only working for Victoria?

We saw, before the winter break, that Emily had her claws sunk into the Lawyer Huntley. Is he actually on Emily's revenge list? Or is he perhaps another co-conspirator?

Most likely, Huntley is a little of both. Emily almost definitely has something on the man, and she also has the money to fund him. None of this can be good for Victoria.

What Will Motivate Daniel's Proposal?
In both "Duress" and the preview for next week's episode, we saw sweet, innocent Daniel becoming more of a player in the divorce. And he needs his trust fund -- released only upon marriage -- to be an even bigger player.

Some spoiler-laden photos indicate that Daniel's proposal to Emily is imminent. We know they're engaged by the end of the summer anyway, thanks to the Pilot's violent opening.

Is Daniel in it for love? Or does he just want to ruin his father? Can any plan in which Emily is a pawn possibly work? What does this mean for Daniel's supposed murder at the engagement party? Could the death be a fake-out in order to mess with Conrad?

Or am I just grasping at Daniel-can't-die straws here?

What burning questions do you have after this week's Revenge? How much do we need Tyler? What is your take on Nolan and Emily? Share your thoughts, opinions and theories below!

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