Ashley Madekwe Not Returning for 'Revenge' Season 3
Ashley Madekwe Not Returning for 'Revenge' Season 3
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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Ashley Madekwe, who plays the sneaky minx Ashley Davenport on ABC's Revenge, will not be returning for season 3, according to Deadline.

"Yes it true, I'm leaving Revenge," Madekwe tweeted today. "I've LOVED playing Ashley Davenport but after two season there is no longer a story left for me to tell."

The British actress was apart of the series since the beginning where her character started off as the Grayson family event planner. Her character went from being naive and endearing best friend of Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) to the more calculating and power-hungry head of Conrad Grayson's (Henry Czerny) dirty run for governor.

The shift in her character seemed to be one of the more unbelievable things about the show early in season 2, especially since she managed to keep herself around the Grayson's by basically sleeping with all of the male members of the family, including Emily's former fiance, Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Conrad himself. And her storyline was mainly the reason her option was not picked up for a third season.

Madekwe is the second series regular whose departure has been announced. Declan Porter's (Connor Paolo) death on the season finale also means that he won't be returning. Other line-up changes include Sunil Nayar replacing current showrunner Mike Kelley.

While it's easy to see why Ashley would get the axe, we must say we'll miss her fierce fashion sense and sophisticated/adorable accent. Although it's probably better than starting her off in a romance with Jack Porter, which the show seemed to be leaning towards at the end of season 2.

It's also nice to see writers who know when to let a character go, as opposed to continuing to include them in strained plot-lines.

"My preference is that Ashley Davenport dies in a blaze of glory," Madekwe tweeted, also referring to the writers are trying to come up with a proper exit story for Ashley. "Preferable whilst wearing Valentino couture... or Chanel. I'm not fussy."

Are you sad to see Ashley Davenport go? What were your favorite Ashley moments? Sound off in the comments.

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