'Resurrection' at Comic-Con 2014: Meet Jacob's Grandmother, Bellamy Answers and a Time Jump
'Resurrection' at Comic-Con 2014: Meet Jacob's Grandmother, Bellamy Answers and a Time Jump
The ABC hit Resurrection recently ended its first season, but season 2 is right around the corner. What's coming up for the show? 

The cast and executive producers were at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 to dish on new characters, Bellamy and Maggie's relationship and when we'll find out why all these people are returning from the dead. 

Mini-Time Jump

Resurrection season 2 will see a small time jump. Executive Producer Aaron Zelman explains, "We won't open right at the end of season one. We come in about a week later." Things will be getting darker too. 


So, is Bellamy a returned? The EPs and cast were too tight-lipped. We'll have to wait for season 2 to find out. 

Bellamy and Maggie will get closer next season. Devin Kelley said that Maggie might be getting a house guest and implied it was Bellamy. 

After losing his job, Bellamy will also be getting a new job in season 2 which introduces a new character. Executive Producer Michelle Fazekas described Bellamy's new boss as an "elegant woman."

An Explanation for the Dead

Fazekas assures us there is an explanation for why the dead are returning. "...There is an answer," Fazekas says. But the answer or why this is all happening isn't the only thing that's important. "It's about these characters and how this affects them." 

We'll also get more details on Rachel's pregnancy as it becomes a big focus for season 2. Fazekas added, "you come back... how you were when you died. She was pregnant when she died, so she's pregnant now."

Will Caleb be back? The answer is no.

Michelle Fairley's Character

It was recently announced that Game of Thrones and 24 star Michelle Fairley was joining Resurrection season 2. She'll be playing Jacob's grandmother (Henry's mother), Margaret Langston, and is one of the returned. "She's the mother-in-law from hell," says Zelman. "Her secrets have to do with the family business." Her secret in particular will play a large part in why the returned is happening. Oh and she'll be younger than her son. Awkward.

Resurrection season 2 premieres Sunday September 28 at 9pm on ABC. 

(Image courtesy of ABC)