Will 'Survivor' Season 27 Pit Returning Favorites Against Their Families?
Will 'Survivor' Season 27 Pit Returning Favorites Against Their Families?
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It has become commonplace for Survivor to bring back at least a few former castaways to compete again for the million dollars. Coming off of a second Fans vs. Favorites season, you would think CBS might want to take a break from having so many returning players. That doesn't appear to be the case, as the long-running series might pit favorites against their own family.

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A contestant has told a source at Reality Blurred that season 27 "will involve a tribe of returning players and a tribe of the returning players' families." Other contestants have also backed up this claim, though no further details are known at this point.

If Survivor goes through with this huge twist, it would change up the dynamics of the players and the game in a major way. At the start, will the family members try to vote each other out based on who they're related to? And once the tribes are mixed up and also at the merge, will any family members turn against each other or will they ally with each other as we would expect?

Russell Hantz, considered the biggest villain in the show's history, tweeted his thoughts about these rumors: "If all hantz boys played this concept survivor Ratings would go back up to 15 million easily." But would he want to return? He says the answer is no: "I'm letting you all know now even if I got the phone call I would NOT play this concept!"

While he believes including the Hantz family would lead to a ratings increase, he doesn't think this format is a good idea, tweeting, "I do not like the concept at all!! I think someone needs to lose their job because they're only going to lose more viewers!" Then he finished off by sending a message directly to Survivor and host Jeff Probst: "Give the viewers and the fans a opportunity to play this game! All new people please!!"

I agree that Survivor should start fresh with new contestants. I'm all for bringing back former players; it's fun to see how different they may play the game a second time around. But we're in the middle of another Fans. vs. Favorites season. If CBS does decide to cast family members, they should wait a while before considering it.

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