'The Office' to End After Season 9
 'The Office' to End After Season 9
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Dunder-Mifflin is finally shutting its doors for good. The Office executive producer Greg Daniels announced today that the show's upcoming ninth season will be it last one and the show will have its series finale in May.

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Daniels announced that "all questions will be answered this year," which is the kind of straight-forward answer you would've liked to hear from the producers of Lost.

What questions are there for The Office? Well, fans will learn the identity of the Scranton Strangler as well as the truth about the documentary film crew that's been taping everything.

This is also going to be a big year for Jim and Pam, who seemed to be pushed to minor roles last season as the new power structure of the company sucked up all the attention, as did new stars James Spader and Catherine Tate.

As for whether or not Steve Carell will return before the series finale, Daniels isn't sure. He did point out that Michael Scott had "a stylish exit," and bringing him back might detract from how wonderfully that was handled.

For my money, The Office's cancellation is coming two years too late. Season 8 was a total mess as the show lost all focus without Michael Scott. Hopefully the final season will give some structure and immediacy to the storylines instead of having everyone tread water.

The Office joins a growing list of shows heading into their final season this fall. 30 Rock, Gossip Girl and Fringe are also going to be starting their final seasons.

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