Simon Cowell Launches YouTube Competition -- Can He Find Success Beyond Singing?
Simon Cowell Launches YouTube Competition -- Can He Find Success Beyond Singing?
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Simon Cowell -- you either love him or you hate him. But there's no denying he can be counted on to tell the truth to singers who won't cut it in the music business. Since leaving American Idol, he has ventured out and created other shows that have aired in both the US andthe  UK. But this time, his new creation is finding a home online and will be seen around the world.

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In recent weeks, word spread that X Factor judge Simon Cowell is launching a new global talent competition on YouTube. And now the man himself is revealing the details of The You Generation, set to begin this week:

According to Deadline, TYG "will run a competition over 52 weeks with 26 two-week rounds. Contestants will be able to upload their auditions in categories that range from makeup and style to cooking and of course singing." The judges of this contest are executives at Syco, Simon's record company, as well as other experts in their respective fields.

After each two-week round, they'll announce a winner, who will win a cash prize and move on to the next level and compete for the grand prize.

The You Generation, hosted by Will Best, launches this week with a live-stream interview with One Direction:

There's a question that looms large over this contest: can Simon Cowell find success as he ventures beyond the singing and talent competition shows we're used to seeing him on? Over the past couple years, he has produced Red or Black?, a UK game show that saw ratings decline for season 2. And he created a culinary competition called Food Glorious Food, also in the UK, that received poor ratings. So outside of Idol, X Factor and Got Talent, he's had a mixed bag of results.

But what makes The You Generation stand apart from the others is the global nature of the competition, with 26 countries taking part. YouTube is where everyone goes to watch videos online. A single video can go viral in mere hours (or even less) and make its way around the Internet, amassing millions of views along the way. Various websites and TV shows pick it up and it gains an even larger audience.

Simon Cowell is banking on that viral component taking his new project to the top. Will it work? We'll have to wait and see. But it all starts Wednesday, March 20 on YouTube.

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