Robert Rodriguez Brings 'From Dusk Till Dawn' to Television, First Trailer Released
Robert Rodriguez Brings 'From Dusk Till Dawn' to Television, First Trailer Released
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Robert Rodriguez has not only created a television series version of his cult classic From Dusk Till Dawn, he's doing it on his own new cable network El Rey Network. This new 24-hour English language channel launched in December 2013 with From Dusk Till Dawn :The Series premiering on March 11. 

Rodriguez talked about El Rey Network and From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series at January's Television Critics Association Winter Tour. The series will be similar to the movie, but the additional time that the 10-hour season 1 provides allows him to tell a deeper story. Rodriguez explained:

"It's a complete retelling of the original story for a bit, but then it goes into other areas. It also explores -- like in the movie you only heard about things like the bank heist in Abilene or the breakout from the penitentiary and the trip to the Kahuna Burger -- what really went down there. ... But then the stories are just completely different motivations. Everybody is drawn to that place for a reason. And you will continually be surprised, if you're familiar with the film, with what you see."

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Rodriguez explained some of the areas that have been expanded in the series, "I delved a little deeper into Mesoamerican mythologies and Aztec and Mayan mythologies and where a vampire culture could have existed back then and found fascinating stuff. And I only hinted at it a little bit in the movie. Like that last tracking shot where you see the big temple and the character of Salma, this was all stuff that I added in to kind of make it a little richer and wished I could have explored it further, but there was no time in a movie. So I really wanted to go back and enrich that whole experience. If the film was the short story, this series is the novel."

Check out the amazing trailer for From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. It has the look and feel of the movie with a well-known cast.

Are you excited to see the cult classic turned into a television series? Will you be tuning in when it premieres?

From Dusk Til Dawn premieres on March 11 at 9 pm ET on El Rey Network.

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