'The Red Road' Preview: Tragedy Causes Two Distinct Worlds to Collide
'The Red Road' Preview: Tragedy Causes Two Distinct Worlds to Collide
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Red Road is a new mini-series from Sundance TV. It's a six-episode thriller that tells the tale about conflict between a small town and a federally unrecognized Native American tribe. The local sheriff and family man (Martin Henderson) forms a unique alliance with an ex-con (Jason Momoa) from the tribe.

At this winter's Television Critics Association Press Tour, the cast and executive producers answered questions about The Red Road. Read on for excerpts from the panel discussion.

The Indian Tribe: "I think this particular Indian tribe lives really close to New York City and they're so close to the modern world, and yet they're still living off the land and living the way they want to live, and I think there's only -- it's a very small tribe, and they've not been granted federal recognition. There's a lot of thinks that make them very unique." - Aaron Guzikowski, Creator

Authenticity: "We worked with a consultant named Autumn Wind Scott. She's a Native American. She's a member of the Ramapough tribe. ... One of the ways we worked with her was that she would read scripts. She would flag things or bring our attention to things that didn't ring true, that were not authentic, to the experience." - Bridget Carpenter, Executive Producer

Fictional Tribe: "... for clarity, our tribe is invented, again, inspired by real-life, but those real life kind of backdrop and world are the backdrop, and our tribe is invented." - Carpenter

On Sheriff Harold Jensen: "In his past, there's an event that he chose to lie bout. He has skeletons that have been pretty much dead and buried, but the culmination of [Jean] hitting of the kid and then Kopus coming back into town sets off a chain of events."

"He's not haunted at the beginning of the show, but the ghosts become awakened by him coming back and his past revisiting and his mistakes, but -- so he's in this position where he has to fight for his life and defend what he loves, which is his family." - Henderson

On Jean Jensen: "She's working class, married to a cop, raising her family. ... She is struggling. She's heard voices for about 17 years and she's never admitted it to anyone and actually has taken the road of claiming that she's an alcoholic because she feels easier with that as the definition." - Julianne Nicholson (Jean Jensen)

On Phillip Kopus: "[Phillip] is raised by a drug lord ... [he] is kind of a lone wolf; like just because he is that, the tribe doesn't really like him." "He's not all that bad, but I wanted to represent the tribe right. So going there, putting images in my head to have as a home and then leave that home and be in prison for six years and come back there, It's like he's almost finding his roots again. He's going to slowly reunite with the tribe." - Momoa

Check out the trailer for The Red Road.

Red Road premieres on Thursday, February 27 at 9 pm ET on Sundance TV.

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