'Heartbreakers': Hollywood Heartthrobs Bring Crime Capers to Life
'Heartbreakers': Hollywood Heartthrobs Bring Crime Capers to Life
Carla Day
Carla Day
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When people fall in love, it's not always full of happiness, hugs and kisses. Heartbreakers brings three true stories of love and romance that went bad and turned criminal to television. In a case of real life being crazier than fiction, the series uses Hollywood heartthrobs from the '80s and 90s to tell these stories in an over-the-top and soapy manner.

The series stars Kevin Sorbo, Jack Wagner, Judd Nelson, Rob Estes, Tracey Gold, Nicole Eggert, Jamie Luner, Christopher Knight, and Antonio Sabato, Jr.

The producers picked three inconceivable, but true stories and brought them to life through reenactments with actors known for much different roles than their characters and documentary-like interviews.

"We had a great time casting kind of against type in a lot of cases. You have Carol Seaver involved in a tawdry love triangle. You have Peter Brady doing some really naughty things. You have -- Hercules is a real antihero, sort of a laconic figure. It was fun to kind of play a little bit with the nostalgia," said Executive Producer Pamela Deutsch.

There will be some fun references to iconic moments from the actor's past characters. Deutsch continued, "There's some nods to some of the previous roles, just for the fans."

While the episodes are campy at times, there are also serious and heartwarming moments throughout each tale. Eggert felt for the woman she played, "I really sympathize with this woman. And being a mother, it was very touching. And it was very emotional, honestly."

Interviews with real people involved in the cases will be interspersed with the reenactments. "When you watch these, it's sort of a documentary sort of style. It has a 20/20 feel to it, where you're not only going to see us playing the characters that are real, but you're also going to see the real characters talking in between the scenes, talking about what they were going through," explained Sorbo.

It's a balancing act throughout each hour between the dramatization and the documentary styles, as well as, between the more humorous and serious tones. Deutsch elaborated, "There are moments of seriousness in these stories. There are moments of tenderness. There are moments of humor. So it sort of ebbs and flows in that way. ... The way the tape is cut together, you're seeing a little bit more of the campy side of it."

Are you ready to see some of your favorite actors from the 80s and 90s don period clothing and tell crazy over-the-top tales of love gone wrong? The hours look to be full of laughs and tears.

Check out what it's all about!

Will you be tuning in? Who are you most excited to see back on TV?

Heartbreakers premieres Wednesday, August 13 at 9pm ET on Investigation Discovery (ID).

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