2013 Golden Globe Awards: The Best Moments
2013 Golden Globe Awards: The Best Moments
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The Golden Globes are handed out to the best in television and movies, voted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Check out the top moments that everyone was tweeting and Facebooking about:

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Hosting Queens

Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were a hit all night -- which should surprise no one. In fact, they weren't on enough! A few of their monologue highlights:

- Amy telling director Kathryn Bigelow she trusts her when it comes to torture because she was married to James Cameron.

- Tina taking a shot at James Franco (and Anne Hathaway), saying she had never seen Anne so alone like in Les Miserables as she did while hosting the Oscars with him.

- Tina saying she used to get awards for her own impersonations of Sarah Palin, and then pretending she can't do them anymore.

- Amy announcing Meryl Streep wasn't there because she has the flu ... and is great in it.

- Amy thinking the acronym for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- HFPA -- is HPV, and introduces HPV.

Premium Cable Shows are King

With the exception of Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey, all the winners of the television categories are from Showtime or HBO.

Homeland (Showtime) swept the major drama categories with Claire Danes as Best Actress, Damian Lewis as Best Actor and the show won Best TV Series. The show winning is slightly surprising since there's been widespread agreement that the quality of the sophomore season slipped.

Girls (HBO) was named Best TV Series (Comedy) and Lena Dunham won in the Best Actress category. Don Cheadle won in the Best Actor category for his role on House of Lies, which is on Showtime.

Tommy Lee Jones Does Not Approve

Saturday Night Live alums Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell sure made a good case to be next year's hosts. Presenting the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Movie, Musical or Comedy, they instead turned it into a comedy bit as they explain the plot line of the movies -- like pointing out all the great salmon in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

But Tommy Lee Jones one-upped them when the camera got a closeup of him, showing his clearly unamused face at the hijinks.

Downton Abbey Stoned, Canoodling with Clooney and More

Arrested Development's Jason Bateman and Parks and Recreation's Aziz Ansari were presenting for Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy, except Ansari was "high" thanks to the magic cookies given to him by the cast of Downton Abbey. His giggles were hilarious, and now I can't help but imagine a Downton Abbey episode with the cast all stoned.

The laughs didn't stop there. Amy Poehler made all of America jealous -- men and women, collectively -- when she was shown sitting on George Clooney's lap as her nomination was announced.

Wait, there's more! After their loss, Tina and Amy act drunk, and so did Glenn Close, which was unexpectedly funny. And then Fey takes a shot at Taylor Swift by telling her to stay away from Michael J. Fox's son, who was Mr. Golden Globe.

Special Presenters

First, it was the real Tony Mendez to introduce Best Picture nominee Argo

But then Bill Clinton came on stage to introduce -- what else? -- Lincoln. As if that isn't memorable enough, Amy shows her excitement over "Hillary Clinton's husband," while Tina calls him "Bill Rodham Clinton."

Musical Moment

Musicians never start their careers thinking, "I want to win a Golden Globe." So Adele's surprise at winning Best Original Song for "Skyfall" felt genuine. She not only high-fives Daniel Craig, but she declares she'd been "pissing herself laughing all night."

Plus, this meant Taylor Swift goes home empty-handed.

What other moments from the 2013 Golden Globe Awards stood out to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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