Comedian John Leguizamo's 'Ghetto Klown' Premiere and Live Twitter Chat
Comedian John Leguizamo's 'Ghetto Klown' Premiere and Live Twitter Chat
Landon Beamer
Landon Beamer
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Death. Divorce. Bankruptcy. These are just some of the topics John Leguizamo will touch upon during his new HBO special, Ghetto Klown. With this seasoned comedian, we're sure it will be hilarious. Keep reading to learn more about Saturday's special and find out how you can join BuddyTV in a live twitter chat with the star before the show.  

Legendary comedian John Leguizamo returns to HBO for his fifth special with highly anticipated comedy Ghetto Klown. Based off of his critically acclaimed Broadway show, Ghetto Klown follows John's hilarious yet dysfunctional journey from Queens to Hollywood in search of fame. This one man show takes audiences through the highs and lows of his personal and professional lives, sharing everything along the way. 

Described as the "Latino Al Pacino," Leguizamo shares his tale with wild impressions, gestures and jokes. This star says that his show is like therapy, guiding audiences through his earliest childhood memories, to the early days of his acting career and ends with his arrival to well-known Hollywood sets with A-list actors. Throughout this special, comedian John Leguizamo addresses his emotions of depression, negativity and rejection but adds a theatrical twist. 

BuddyTV has partnered with HBO and Leguizamo for a 30-minute "Green Room" twitter chat happening Friday March 21 at 3pm EST. Join us for an exclusive opportunity to ask one-on-one questions about his career, performances, inspirations and best jokes by following @BuddyTV, @HBO and @JohnLeguizamo on Twitter. Be sure to use #GhettoKlown to ask some of your own. 

Updated - Read the Whole Interview with John Leguizamo 

BuddyTV: @JohnLeguizamo, thanks for taking the time to connect with us today via Twitter. We can't wait for Saturday's premiere of #GhettoKlown! Q1: What can viewers expect from HBO's premiere of #GhettoKlown?

John: @BuddyTV I give a qwik recap of my youth till the career kicks in and all my victories, mishaps, regrets, fights, close calls! u name it! @BuddyTV This is a culmination of my lifes's work. this is everything I've been working towards all my existence!

BuddyTV: Q2: @JohnLeguizamo, what inspired you to create #GhettoKlown?

John: @BuddyTV I hadn't want to take the one man show to the next level cause it's my favorite domain! and with @fisherstevensny I knew we could.

BuddyTV: Q3: @JohnLeguizamo, what material usually receives the most laughs among audiences? #GhettoKlown

John: @BuddyTV The #carlito'sWay scenes with #pacino as I recreate what happned bhind the scenes. @BuddyTV #ghettoklown also the beef with #rip #patrickSwayze on @towongfoo

BuddyTV: Q4: @JohnLeguizamo, how is #GhettoKlown different than your other @HBO specials?

John: @BuddyTV @HBO cause this is about my career and how I got to be comic and an actor and dealing with biz and the backstabbin' in the wood!310

BuddyTV: Q5: @JohnLeguizamo, what other comedies, comedians or stand up specials inspired #GhettoKlown?

John: @BuddyTV well, #ghettoklown is it's own thing! I helped pioneer this autobiographical thang with FREAK and here I take it to the max.

BuddyTV: Q6: @JohnLeguizamo, can you tell us your favorite moment on your first gig as Orlando Calderone on #MiamiVice? #GhettoKlown

John: @BuddyTV ha! that was meeting up with #donJohnson he was the sh!t back then! and I was a 19yr old punk. hilarious. I look so green

BuddyTV: Q7: @JohnLeguizamo, which TV character has been the most controversial or fun to play? #GhettoKlown

John: @BuddyTV doing #stevenSegal had it's rewards mostly getting my revenge when he akidoed me in the solar plexus and knocked the air out me!

BuddyTV: Q8: @JohnLeguizamo, in addition to #GhettoKlown, which performance are you most proud of?

John: @BuddyTV this little movie called #THETake and #WhereGodLEftHisShoes. I think it's my best acting to date besides #GhettoKlown

BuddyTV: Q9: @JohnLeguizamo, do you ever run jokes by your family before using them? And who gets the final say? #GhettoKlown

John: @BuddyTV not run but I definitely goof on them and test it out without their knowing... my brother used to help me though when I 1st started

BuddyTV: Q10: Final question @JohnLeguizamo, what's your favorite comedy TV show of all time? #GhettoKlown

John: @BuddyTV gotta say the #honeyMooners something about #JackieGleason and #artCarney is history!

BuddyTV: Thanks again @JohnLeguizamo! Be sure to tune in and watch #GhettoKlown on Sat. March 22nd at 10PM on @HBO:

John: okay, yo'll thanx for this opportunity! 1st time doing the tweet live thing. will do it again tomorrow live during #GhettoKlown on HBO 10pm.

Directed by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens, Ghetto Klown follows the comedian's previous hits including Mambo Mouth (1991), Spic-O-Rama (1993), Emmy award winner Freak (1998) and Sexaholix ... a Love Story (2002). 

Viewers can also find Leguizamo in John Favreau's indie flick Chef which premiered this month at SXSW. He has also made a name for himself as Santiago in Ride Along with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, Cymbeline, a modern-day take on Shakespeare's play and as Sid's voice on the Ice Age movies with appearances on The Happening, Spawn, Dr. Dolittle and Casualties of War. Viewers can learn more about Leguizamo's wide range of performances and experiences during the premiere of Ghetto Klown.

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Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown premieres on HBO on Saturday March 22 at 10pm. 

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