Casting Bits: Daniel Radcliffe, Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum for 'Saturday Night Live'
Casting Bits: Daniel Radcliffe, Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum for 'Saturday Night Live'
Casting bits, anyone? I thought so. Tonight, we have a Gossip Girl returnee, a CIA agent-turned-missionary, and a Marc Cherry cameo. But first, live from New York... it's Saturday night! Tomorrow.

Daniel Radcliffe's hosting this week's Saturday Night Live, and for a taster of what the Harry Potter star brings to the table, why not watch the preview?

Also appearing in this week's episode is Lana Del Ray, otherwise known as songstress-whose-lips-people-doubt. I bet she can cope.

Also slated to host future episodes of SNL are Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum. The New Girl star will appear on the February 4 episode and will also feature YouTube sensations Karmin; Tatum will appear on the February 11 episode alongside Grammy-nominated folkie Bon Iver.

Uncle Jack is back on the Upper East Side: Desmond Harrington will return to the CW's Gossip Girl as Chuck's uncle, according to TVLine. And expect him to stick around for a while: executive producer Josh Safran says he'll be around for the final third of the current season. His storyline is going to be "twisty and comic," but knowing Gossip Girl, something else has to be up, right?

Christopher Gorham joins Hot in Cleveland: the Covert Affairs star will appear in the TV Land comedy as Casey, a religious missionary who finds himself in the cabin the girls are staying at, according to the Huffington Post. Sounds like a sticky situation to me. Expect the episode to air around June.

Dennis Miller is headed to Hawaii Five-0: TVLine reports that the former SNL star (and current radio personality) will play, well, a retired talk radio presenter who heads to Hawaii and starts his own pirate radio show. Not sure if he's the bad guy on this one. Maybe if you're the FCC, he is...

Finally, Marc Cherry will make a cameo on the Desperate Housewives series finale, just as he promised a few weeks back. "I'm going to do a Hitchcock, and the hair and makeup people will go through more hell that day than they've ever gone through with this cast," he told reporters at the Housewives TCA panel. Deadline also reports that there won't be a Housewives film: "I'm just never sending any of these gals to Dubai, that's all I'm saying," Cherry said, an obvious jab at the second Sex and the City film. Surely he was kidding.

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